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Living in London is awesome – great people, fun bars and exciting fashion make this one of the best cities in the world!

But, like all beautiful things, London can be expensive. Really expensive. And as we all know, if you’re not extra-careful with your pennies, you’ll never be able to afford that outfit, that night out, or that trip away somewhere amazing.

Even getting places in London is crazy on a tight budget – taxis are an occasional treat at best, but even Oyster cards soon start eating away at your savings if you’re not careful, and while a travelcard can give you better value, who has two grand (yes, you read that right!) to pay in one lump?

Well, the lovely people at CommuterClub have heard our prayers and found a way to bring us the great value of an annual Travelcard in easy-to-afford monthly installments. And if that wasn’t enough, they know that, in a city as exciting and unpredictable as London, we don’t like to be tied down and so they offer all of this with no commitment or strings. Perfect for keeping one’s option’s open!

And the best part? No queueing! You sign up online, your pre-loaded Annual Travelcard is sent to you in the mail (just like an ASOS delivery) and you can start using it that day. So no more queues at tube stations waiting to top up your Oyster making you late for work. And I think we’d all agree that we’d pay to get rid of that, even without the saving on our commute!

And that’s not all – every Annual Travelcard comes with a Gold Card, giving you tonnes of additional savings and discounts, making your hard-earned cash go even further, meaning you can use the savings to treat yourself to something nice – frugality like this should be rewarded!

Oh, and did I mention that you can go on holiday and not have to worry? CommuterClub makes the whole thing so cheap that even if you take two (or maybe three? You deserve it.) holidays a year, it still works out cheaper than a monthly travelcard. That’s some serious value.

Speaking of which, are you ready for some maths? Good: Buying a Zone 1-4 travelcard each month costs £2125 over a year. (Try not to think how many nights out that is!)

CommuterClub will cost you a total of £1,947 for the same travelcard over a year, but in 11 monthly payments of £177 (See? It’s sounding more manageable already!)

It’s a great deal whether you look at it like you’re buying monthly travelcards and getting a month free, or like you’re buying an annual card in smaller payments.

And don’t forget there’s no more queueing, no hassle and no commitment – if you decide to move somewhere warmer (tempting, isn’t it?), just pop your card in the post back to CommuterClub and they’ll stop charging you for it. It really is as easy as that.

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