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The Global Foundation for the Elimination of Domestic Violence – was founded by the former Attorney General Baroness Patricia Scotland in 2011.

GFEDV-logo-colour-versionEDV has the ultimate goal of ending domestic violence across the world. The first step towards this goal is to raise awareness of the truly horrific scale of domestic violence: 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men across the world will experience DV at some point during their lifetime. Women aged 15-44 are more at risk of rape and domestic violence than they are of cancer, motor accidents, malaria and even armed conflict. Domestic violence is a global health epidemic.

The Global Foundation for the Elimination of Domestic Violence (EDV) is a UK-based charity working world-wide. By using a proven model developed by Baroness Scotland while she was Minister of State & Attorney General (the “Model”) – the model focuses on 3 key areas concerning domestic violence:

Policy: Working with governments and organisations around the world to identify effective policies and legislation at national and/or local level to address domestic violence, providing cutting-edge evaluations of effective policy solutions in a range of settings for adults and children.

Advocacy and Research: Creating a platform for advocacy for all victims of domestic violence and commissioning and collating worldwide, cutting edge educational and research tools for healthcare, academic, criminal justice and field workers in the area of domestic violence.

Implementation: By adopting a holistic approach to identifying the root causes of domestic violence in a family context and enhancing coordination across agencies to break the cycle of domestic violence (Early targeted intervention/prevention).

Since our foundation we have focused primarily on the awareness-raising and advocacy streams. To fulfill these objectives, we have conducted in-country studies and helped to improve domestic violence legislation across the world. For example, we helped the Turkish judiciary to implement their new domestic violence laws and participated in a Europe-wide study with the Council of Europe. Our strategic partnership with the NGO Peace One Day has helped us spread our message across the world – as has our Reducing Domestic Violence Global Coalition with Peace One Day. This coalition gathers together over 300 organisations in over 100 countries to coordinate efforts against domestic violence.

Implementation of new programmes is going to be a priority for EDV going forward. In our first 3 years we have been able to build the connections and platform necessary to conduct really effective, long-term projects to save and improve lives. We are currently gathering funding for Project SafetyNet, a programme that will help one of the most marginalised groups in society – children living in refuges. SafetyNet provides early intervention: that is, helping break the cycles of violence by tackling root causes rather than symptoms.

Sustainability and long-term change are essential to achieving EDV’s goals. Long-term change requires the engagement of young people to help change and challenge attitudes. Accordingly, we have recently launched the EDV Youth Council. Our Youth Council will campaign among their peer group for the reduction of domestic violence – the age 16-25 age group is one of the groups at highest risk of experiencing or perpetrating DV.

You can find out more about EDV and our work at, or follow us at @GFEDV and @EDVyouth. You can support EDV via our JustGiving page at

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