Get involved: Save the parents helpline

Depression, self-harm, suicide… Please help children and families by supporting our Helpline

Together, we can stop children and young people suffering in isolation.

It can be overwhelming and isolating for families worried about their child’s mental health. If you have a child who is suffering, where can you get the knowledge and skills that you need to help them? For 21 years, the Parents Helpline has provided free and confidential advice and support to any adult worried about the emotional wellbeing and mental health of a child or young person under 25. It is unique. Last year, 10,000 parents, grandparents, relatives and carers contacted the Parents Helpline. In a external evaluation of the helpline 96% saw positive changes as a result of taking our advice. More than 1 in 3 called it a lifesaver.Our funding comes to an end this year. If we can’t replace this funding the Helpline will close, leaving 1000s of families with no-one to turn to. You can save this service.

20141124035033-mum-and-son-webHow YOU can help

Although free to the caller, answering a call for help costs around £35 on average, including initial conversation with a helpline advisor, a personalised information pack and a follow-up 50 minute telephone consultation with a mental health professional offering independent practical advice. Your contribution will enable families to support their child when they are suffering, giving them the chance to overcome their problems and lead happier lives.And it doesn’t stop there. By supporting the campaign you can also help break down the stigma associated with mental health. And with more open discussion of mental illness, more people will ask for help when they need it, before the issues escalate. You can make a difference, join others, and show that you care.

Please also share the campaign with friends and family! We really need the support of everyone who cares about children and young people’s mental health to join together so we can provide this help to families for many more years to come.

Click here for more information.

YoungMinds Parents Helpline: 0808 802 5544

Registered Charity no: 1016968


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