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By WATC member Jennifer Corcoran

Jen Mike registry officeI recently got married for the second time. A friend of mine reminded me that I still had my first wedding dress stored in the eaves of my flat and that I definitely had to get rid of this in order to move forward.

Despite my first marriage ending I was still quite attached to the dress and donating it to a charity shop for someone to purchase it for ten pounds just didn’t quite sit with me.

I had also read reviews of rag traders getting involved in charity shop donations and making profits on the items which was worrying.

I came across the ‘Wishing Well Foundation’ on a forum chat room for brides to be.

Far better to donate and make someone’s dream come true now then for the dress to simply take up space in an attic or back of wardrobe.

Basically you can donate your wedding dress (& bridesmaid dresses etc.) to this charity and they forward it on to terminally ill couples.

It is such a worthwhile cause it made my decision so easy and instant.

I wanted to bring you ladies up to speed too as I am sure that I will not be alone in wanting to support this amazing cause.

You can drop your dresses in to any branch of Johnsons Cleaners which are dotted around the country and they will clean them and pass them on so you don’t need to worry about them being pristine. Mine personally was about 6 years old.

I symbolically dropped it off at the Johnsons on Kings Road in Chelsea en route to my second wedding this past July 3rd at the Town Hall!

I appreciate that dresses can be highly sentimental and that people can often save these to pass down as an heirloom but ask yourself will your children really wear these 20+ years down the line or will they favour their own choice and style?

Far better to donate and make someone’s dream come true now then for the dress to simply take up space in an attic or back of wardrobe.

Memories are always far more precious than material things.  Priceless.

So go on girls and be green and give another lady the chance to avail of something borrowed….remember that it will bring somebody as much joy as it brought you!

For more information on this wonderful charity please click on the following link:

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