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While traditional marketing primarily focuses on TV, radio and print, experiential marketing immerses customers within the brand itself, creating a unique and memorable experience. If done well, it provides companies with a significant advantage in the YouTube and social sharing era creating a lot more brand exposure and evoking emotional connections between companies and consumers.

To get more of an idea about experiential marketing, check out some examples in the entertaining videos below. If you want even more inspiration, make sure to have a read of the weekly blog posts on RPM.

Carrie – Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

To promote the upcoming release of horror film Carrie, customers of a New York coffee shop were introduced to a whole new level of consumer rage. This video has close to 60million views on YouTube!!

Coke Zero – Unlock the 007 in You

Upon the release of Skyfall, Coke Zero gave the public the chance to ‘unlock the 007’ in themselves in order to win tickets to see the film. So what do they do? Get from one vending machine to another in an allotted time. Sound simple? Not really.

Weetabix – Ultimate Sports Day

This is one of RPM’s biggest experiential campaigns of 2014. Weetabix and the Olympic village teamed up to host a sports day amongst the local primary schools. Olympic champion Mo Farah even made an appearance for the event.

LUSH – #MakeFurHistory

American cosmetics brand LUSH wanted to expose animal cruelty behind the production of fur products. #MakeFurHistory was born.

Natwest – That Sofa Fairness Experiment

UK bank Natwest teamed up with comedian Dom Joly to prank shopping centre visitors across the UK with a talking sofa.

KLM – Live High Five

KLM created a campaign around one simple hand gesture, the ‘High Five’ via outdoor installations setup in New York and Amsterdam.

Pepsi Max – Monster Mirror

Pepsi Max and Odeon cinemas partnered up around Halloween this year using facial tracking technology to spook cinema goers, transforming their faces into zombies and werewolves.

Tim Horton – #TimsDark Experiment

Tim Horton promoted its new Dark Roast Coffee by blacking out one of its restaurants and inviting their customers to ‘get into the dark’.

If you enjoyed these campaigns and have seen some others that we have missed out, feel free to share them with us on our social networks, Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter.

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