Get Motivated for 2014 – Heels of Steel (Kindle) special offer for January

Heels-of-Steel-Front-Cover-smallHeels of Steel, Surviving & Thriving in the Corporate Work (on Kindle) is on special offer for January

For 1 month only (January) the price of the kindle version of Heels of Steel has been reduced on Amazon to £4.99.  To take advantage of this offer, click here to purchase.  Hurry, as normal price of £7.99 returns on 1 Feb.

About Heels of Steel

Heels of Steel tracks the trials and tribulations of one of “the most networked women in the City” and how she left London’s east end, aged 15 to find her fortune in London’s financial district.  Despite her doubters and purely through hard work, grit and determination she manages not only work her way up to what is commonly known as C-suite, but to build 2 successful businesses alongside her corporate career.

Having achieved everything she thought she’d ever wanted, Vanessa quickly learnt that success often comes at a great deal of personal cost and compromise. The constant battling and accomplishment for the ultimate grand prize eventually took its toll and drastically altered her definition of ‘success’, encouraging a life-changing move in a new direction.

From periods of glittering success to near total derailment due to an unrelenting passion for her career, Heels of Steel unveils the truth behind a woman’s climb to success in the male dominated world of the City. You are invited to follow her journey as she scales (and slips up and down) the corporate ladder, digging her heels in as to avoid being absorbed by the politics and alpha male behaviour still prevalent in so many corporate environments.

A mid-career realisation about Vanessa’s deep-rooted need to unveil and be proud of her femininity, helped her to discover things she never knew, and introduced much-needed support that had been glaringly missing throughout her career.

The book provides an honest and transparent insight into the world of corporate women and addresses the challenges facing every woman throughout their career journey and tackles our never-ending search for balance.

Heels of Steel is packed to the brim with tips, advice and practical steps based on real life experiences, this autobiographical story is also a practical guide that will fast become a must-read for women seeking to not only survive the corporate jungle, but stand some chance of thriving in it!

5.0 out of 5 stars Must read for all career women! 13 Oct 2013

A truly inspirational book, Vanessa’s story is amazing, I couldn’t put the book down. Vanessa provides some excellent advice. I took lots of notes and immediately sat down and refreshed my action plan. I would recommend this book to all women looking to progress in their career.

5.0 out of 5 stars Vanessa’s personal story is truly inspiring 11 Oct 2013

Vanessa Vallely is a truly inspiring woman. This book reveals the challenges and triumphs that shaped her, and contains a lot of wisdom for young women making their way to the top.

5.0 out of 5 stars Heels of steel – most definitely 25 Sep 2013

Stories like this should be given big papers headlines. Not only it shows that with energy, passion and determination anything is possible, but most importantly that sharing, collaborative leadership and kindness can make success even more effective. Vanessa Vallely’s own story will inspire young generations and women that still suffer from lack of confidence in achieving their dreams. Not sure when Vanessa finds the time to fit in her 8 hours sleep but she certainly will deserve a rest for driving women forward. Awesome read!

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