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Social media has completely changed the way that people communicate and has also become an increasingly important tool in the business world which is why more and more successful businesses choose to invest into developing strategic social media campaigns in order to raise their online profiles.

Get Social for Business Success2
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Looking at flashy social media campaigns can put off smaller business owners from implementing their own social media strategy, making them feel intimidated and unsure how social media will benefit their small business.

Creating and maintaining an online presence for your business is essential for keeping your customers engaged with your brand regardless of the size of your business. No matter what you sell and who you are trying to reach, using social media as a marketing tool with a consistent and dedicated approach can help you grow your brand and ultimately grow your business. Big budgets can of course add a certain spark to any campaign, but there are core strategies that businesses big or small can apply to their own social media marketing efforts.

Find your target audiences

As part of your business plan you will have already segmented your business’ target audiences so it’s time to connect with them on social media. In order to do this you’ll first need to find out which social media platforms they use and how they interact. There are several surveys out there offering insightful data on social media user types and frequency of engagement. For example, women dominate Pinterest – 44% of online women use the site, compared with 16% of online men so if you’re targeting men, this platform might not be the most effective way to reach them.

Share relevant content

Knowing which social media platforms your audience uses is one thing, but you also need to offer them content that cuts through all the ‘noise’ on the Internet and in order to do that you need to create content that resonates with your audience and provides a call to action when necessary. Invest time in profiling your audience and find out what they like and then make lists of specific topics that will interest them and are related to your industry. Use different sources and make the most of all formats you can use such as blogs, vlogs, infographics, gifs, etc. The Internet is your oyster!

Get organised

Creating a content calendar for every month might sound like hard work but believe me it will save you time and effort in the long run. Spend an hour every month planning what you want to share every day. Download a calendar or just use Google Calendars and get planning.

Be friendly

Trying to make your company look bigger by adopting a more corporate approach on social media platforms can backfire as you run the risk of alienating your audience. Bigger isn’t always better and when it comes to social media, people want to be able to relate to your brand’s values and personality. Take for example Waitrose’s ‘Chubby Grocer’ blog which CEO Mark Price started in order to chart his progress at losing weight in the face of multiple tastings and lots of travel. The blog was written in a friendly tone and the content was something pretty much everyone could relate to and as a result it ended up being a massive success.

Engaging with customers through social media can be intimidating and can take time, however when done correctly, it can be one of the most effective ways to boost your sales and create a network of loyal customers who also become ambassadors for your brand.

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Claire RobinsonClaire Robinson is Managing Director of Extra Help which launched in 2010. Claire realised that there was a gap in the market in providing domestic help specifically to the elderly. Although Extra Help started by working exclusively with elderly and vulnerable clients, it soon expanded and now provides domestic and home-help services to working professionals, new parents and just about anyone who needs a helping hand. The early success of Extra Help proved that the business model worked and Claire realised that the business could work as a franchise. Extra Help now has franchised outlets across the UK.


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