Get the inside tracks from Q


Get the inside tracks from Q

Sound and vision for Christmas day – The Sound

We asked Paul Rees, editor of Q magazine, what will be the big musical gifts this Christmas and he gave us a line up to suit any and every (credible) taste. No Aled Jones required, thanks.

Florence + The Machine – Ceremonials… “The follow-up to Lungs and even more of an epic exercise in boho-pop. Full of songs that make you want to run up the nearest mountain and holler along with them from the summit… and all the better for it.”

Coldplay – Mylo Xyloto… “Chris Martin and his merry men seem destined to forever attract the ire of so-called tastemakers. Ignore them. Song for song this is their best record and in Charlie Brown they’ve conjured up the year’s most euphoric anthem. Hurrah!”

Bon Iver – Bon Iver… “American songwriter returns to his log cabin in the woods to pen still more heart-stoppingly beautiful songs for an even more wonder-filled second album. Hats off beardy bloke.”

Jay Z Kanye West – Welcome To The Throne… “In a notable achievement the hip-hop veteran and his no-spring-chicken mate here rustle up an entirely thrilling noise – net effect: like being hit in the chest by a Lear jet. This is a good thing.”

Lana Del Rey – Video Games… “Don’t buy singles any more? Start again with this utterly wonderful introduction to the self-styled “gangsta Nancy Sinatra”. Watch the homemade video for it on YouTube while you’re at it.”

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