Get up and Glow – The Glow Yoga Way

seize the day

Keep the summer with you by starting your day the Glow Yoga way.

The stylish studio has SAD lighting, a state-of-the-art air exchange system and is warmed to feel like a sunny day. You’ll leave feeling energised and ready for the day ahead.

Nahid, founder of Good Vibes is starting an early bird Foundation Series for all those wanting to get off  to a glowing start this Autumn.

Taught with the Glow Yoga Principles this is the class to come to if you’ve ever been curious about yoga or  would like to improve on what you already know.

Glow Yoga offers many benefits including managing stress, toned and mobile body and rosy cheeks!

The teaching is easy to follow and delivered clearly with passion and a sense of humour (it’s only yoga after all!)

the details

Starting Tuesday 27th September, Nahid will be takings things back to basics from how you place your feet on the floor to dancing like a warrior.

The series is for 4 weeks and, as the Foundation classes are based around a theme, you can drop in at another time if you can’t make one of the morning classes

The class is from 7.30am – 8.30am; there are showers and hair dryers and towels to rent. All you need is comfortable clothing and Nahid will get you glowing.

Book online or email reception for more details.

Buy the Foundation Series (4 classes)  for £55

Or, try your first class for £5

Step on the mat to start your day!


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