The FDM Getting Back to Business Programme includes seven weeks of free training followed by full time employment with the company’s prestigious client base.

Stemming from FDM’s Women in IT initiative, which strives to redress the gender imbalance within the IT sector, the programme is ideally suited for women who are looking to return to work following a career breakBelow you will find a series of case studies from a slection of candidates who have been through the FDM Getting Back to Business Programme.

“The Getting Back to Business Programme helped me to find what I wanted to do and provided me with a path to get there. I found each week of training rewarding and all the trainers were extremely supportive. FDM really helped me get back to work, giving me the confidence to continue my career after taking a break to raise my family.”

Helen Van der Straaten, FDM Business Consultant, placed at News UK



“I took a break for several years to look after my son when my husband suddenly passed away. Last year when he turned 15 it seemed like a good time to get back into the job market.

Initially I was scared and nervous starting the FDM Getting Back to Business Programme, but with each passing week I felt increasingly more confident and self-assured. The training was relevant and challenging, with supportive trainers and a great group of peers. The accommodating training hours made the transition much easier as well. I feel incredibly lucky to be a returner. FDM has given me a second chance to further develop a successful career. “

Petra Sanderson, FDM Business Consultant, placed at BP International Ltd

“The tech industry is a particularly unforgiving field when it comes to having had an extended break, even more so when you are female and of a certain age. Although I had a vast amount of experience, I was sure that prospective employers would consider me to be irrelevant to the industry.

I was thrilled when I was accepted into FDM’s Getting Back to Business Programme. I saw the programme as a way to help build my confidence, renew and strengthen my skill-sets while providing me with the opportunity to get my career back on track. I had not realised how much my confidence had been crushed prior to returning. The Programme really helped me to change that and sharing the experience with other returners was inspiring.

I feel proud of what I have managed to achieve with the help of FDM. The returners in the Programme are a group of remarkable people who have so much to offer and contribute. We can once again look forward to building successful careers within the IT industry.”

Suzanne Lowe, FDM Business Consultant, Placed at Save the Children UK

“After working for five years in IT I decided on a career change in 2011 and began working in the health sector, more specifically for the NHS. This work was very different to my previous experience and even though I enjoyed it I found myself missing the dynamic and fast paced world of tech.

I was aware that trying to get back into technology would be very challenging as it is an ever evolving industry. There were a lot of skills I had to brush up on and new ones I needed to learn.

Initially I had hesitations applying to FDM’s Getting Back to Business Programme as I didn’t know if I had the adequate skills to return after my gap in the tech industry. Nevertheless, I decided to apply based on the experience and skills I did have.

The seven week training course was very beneficial to help me learn new skills and brush up on my old ones. All these experiences as a whole have helped me to build my confidence and have reinstated my decision to return to work in tech.”

Helga Gonsalves, FDM Trainee

“After my second child was ready to go to nursery, I thought it was the right time to get back to work. However this was difficult with employers judging you on your background coupled with a hit on your confidence.

FDM’s Getting Back to Business Programme came up as a natural solution. During my training, I’ve been exposed to many industry recognised qualifications and modern business techniques such as PRINCE2, with trainers that are extremely knowledgeable about the industry.

The Getting Back to Business Programme has been great in building my self-confidence and future prospects while re-integrating me to the work environment. Hopefully this can prove that dads can be returners too.”

Gavin Durbin, FDM Trainee

You can find out more information about FDM’s Getting Back to Work Programme, including location, start dates and how to apply, here.

Kayleigh Bateman
About the author

Kayleigh Bateman is the head of digital content and business development at WeAreTheCity. As a journalist there she covers stories about women in IT and looks after its women in technology community. She was previously the special projects editor for Computer Weekly and editor of CW Europe. Kayleigh attended the University of Hertfordshire, where she studied for her BA in English literature, journalism and media cultures. You can contact her at [email protected]

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