Getting Engaged This Fall? Here’s How To Style Well

ring-441783_1280A warm fire going, hot chocolate in hand, and football on television: the fall season is approaching quickly.

There are so many things to love about this season – apple cider donuts, pumpkin craving, and Thanksgiving, but one of the best attractions of this season are the colors. The beautiful fall colors make a great time for engagements and there are a lot of couples who take advantage of the beautiful scenery.

If you’ve scheduled your engagement for this fall season, and are looking to inspire your engagement session style without looking too uptight, here are a few tips on how to style well for the occasion:

The dress

Opt for a dress length that plummets to the floor, and rise on the occasion to reveal your beautiful legs. The most popular length that seems to compliment the majority of brides will be just below or above the knee.

As for the dress shape, the tighter is better for this fall season. A body-con outfit might require a few trips to the gym, but is super chic if you want to stand out at the event (and a great motivation booster to trim down). You can even opt for cut-outs that give any address an added boost. These come in several forms and shapes, from bare-all backs to mesh-coverings.

Also, try to coordinate the dress with your groom-to-be, without being overly ‘matchy’, This means avoiding the same colors and instead, finding a color palette you prefer and piece together items from that palette that compliment your and his outfit.


There is an old adage which goes like ‘what you wear is what you wear’, and this applies to more than just your dress. Compliment your outfit with accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and colored diamond rings.

Opt for in-season trends such as tennis bracelets: these bracelets are subtle and can be worn alone or with another statement bracelet, as well as with a wrist watch. Such jewelry is suitable with any formal outfit whether it is a tailored cut-out suit or a sleek knee length ball gown.

For rings, it is time to replace the colorless diamonds with some exotic colors that steal your heart. The trend this year is to sport black diamond or pink diamond rings for engagement rather than the overdone simple diamond solitaires. Front Jewelers points out such rings can also be accentuated with black and yellow gold as well as platinum to create unique pieces that are 100 percent authentic and appear visually flawless. Such non-conventional jewelry pieces will make you stand out on the occasion and add a lovely hint of hue to the rest of your appearance.


One of the hot footwear colors of the year is mint. It has been seen throughout numerous runways and just a little hint of this color will add crispness and a light dash to any color palette. Mint is one of the few light colors applicable to fall season engagement styles; a few trending dark colors include black and purple.

The shoes can be edgy, vintage or downright bold. Cut-out-styles and wedges can be appropriate for an engagement affair. These styles go well with formal outfits as they offer some height, a little stability, and a lot of style. Moreover, they can be worn with a number of outfits, so they would be useful even after your engagement.

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