The Gherkin Challenge 2016

Want to get an amazing 360 degree view of London, a glass of champagne (or juice) and raise money for The NSPCC?

Then why not take part in The Gherkin Challenge 2016 and sign up here today.

The event takes place at The Gherkin, 30 St Mary Axe, London, EC3A 8EP on Sunday 19th June 2016.

How your money makes a difference
The Gherkin in London

By supporting this event, your donation will make sure that when a child needs a helping hand, people are there to support them through it. You can help children rebuild their lives, and find ways to prevent it ruining anymore.

The NSPCC supports parents and families care for their children, they also provide therapeutic services to help children move on from abuse and we help professionals make the best decisions for children, across the UK.

In over 40 service centres The NSPCC work directly with children and families on a range of issues – from protecting children from sexual abuse, through to helping families who misuse drugs and alcohol and providing social workers with the tools they need to tackle neglect.

The charity also visits 9-11 year olds in schools across the country through The NSPCC Schools Service, helping them to understand what abuse is and giving them the confidence to speak out and seek help if they ever need it. And the counsellors at the NSPCC helpline and ChildLine provides help and support to thousands of adults, children and families every single day of the year.

Register to join here.

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