Girlguiding Scotland launches new role model initiative to inspire next generation

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Girlguiding Scotland has launched a new campaign to celebrate female role models and inspire the future generation to become leaders.

The campaign, backed by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, aims to get more young women talking about those that inspire them, and the group are asking, ‘Who’s your #WOWwoman?’

The initiative comes as new research from Girlguiding shows that less than half of young women, aged 11-16 feel inspired by a role model often or most of the time. Between the ages 17-21, this figure drops to just 40 per cent.

Research also shows that only 35 per cent of girls aged between 17 and 21 believe that men and women have the same chance of succeeding, while only 60 per cent of those aged 11-16 hope to become leaders in their chosen fields.

Aside from Sturgeon, the campaign has also received the support of former Formula One driver, Susie Wolff; and Scottish Women’s Football Captain, Gemma Fay.

Speaking about the new initiative, Sturgeon said, “I’m delighted to be named a Girlguiding Scotland WOW woman.”

“It’s so important that girls and young women are able to see positive role models around them – that’s how they are inspired to become the leaders, scientists and Olympians of the future.”

“I hope seeing so many inspiring women in their communities and beyond will empower a new generation of girls and young women to believe in themselves.”

Wolff continued saying, “I’m proud to be named a Girlguiding Scotland WOW woman and have the chance to back this new campaign.”

“It’s concerning to learn that less than half of girls and young women aged 11-16 feel inspired by a great role model. From my own experience, I know how important a role model can be in empowering girls and young women to aim high, discover new talents and take the lead. Sometimes, you just have to see it to believe it.”


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