Global Woman Summit takes place with inspirational speakers

The Global Woman Summit took place in London recently, highlighting inspirational women and stories from around the world.

The main theme of the summit was “A new Paradigm for Changing the World” with the day being organised by founder of Global Woman magazine Mirela Sula, in collaboration with the Laszlo Institute of Research and Club of Budapest, through her associations with Ervin Laszlo and Joe St Clair.

Global Woman Summit takes place with inspirational speakers (f)
Mirela Sula and Ervin Laszlo

The keynote speech was delivered by scientist, prolific author and founder of the Institute of New Paradigm Research, professor Ervin Laszlo, who told the audience that “the positive future of humankind is a global woman led future.” She stressed that womanly, feminine skills of listening, community building, family focus, caring, connection, contribution, care for nature and spirituality can change the world paradigm to a safer, sustainable world where we can live in harmony together, as one big global family.

Other speakers included Anna Bachia, who spoke about the “unexplored path into the breathing of our life.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard’s talk was streamed live from New York. She focused on using a higher level of consciousness and co-creativity to achieve the new paradigm.

BBC Radio 2’s Janey Lee Grace spoke on the power of natural and organic living and Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk from Dallas shared her message of “becoming a conscious cultural creator.”

Other topics discussed included ‘enterprise as a force for good,’ by Jo Franklin of COINS and ‘Women in Leadership’ by Yvonne Thompson.

Sula said: “I am incredibly honoured and humbled to see such a fantastic reaction to the first Global Woman Summit. It is clear how important it is for so many women and men across the world to celebrate the achievements of women, and to encourage even greater change and progress for future generations. Over the weekend we heard some fantastic, eye-opening talks from some incredible speakers, and we’re all very excited to start putting into practice what we’ve learnt during the summit.”

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