“Good careers advice helps you to a rewarding career” | Skills Minister sets out vision for improved careers guidance


The Skills Minister, Anne Milton, has set out the vision for improved career guidance, saying “good careers advice helps you to a rewarding career.”

Speaking at the Careers Education and Guidance Summit in London, Milton highlighted the government’s strategy to improve careers advice and support young people into employment.

Milton began her speech, stating how delighted she was to be there.

She said, “It is an opportunity for us to reflect upon the importance of people getting information, advice and guidance that helps them make decisions about their future learning, jobs and training and the role it plays in helping people of all ages fulfil their potential.”

Milton went on to lament on the importance of careers advice, stating, “Careers advice is the foundation upon which some of our biggest reforms will be built.”

“New T levels will be a gold standard for technical and professional excellence.”

“They are an amazing opportunity for young people to gain the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to enter skilled employment in a particular occupational area.”

“Our apprenticeship reforms are putting employers in control and enabling them to develop their workforces now and for the future.”

“There have been 1.1 million apprenticeship starts since May 2015 and we aim to reach three million by 2020.”

Milton gave the summit delegates an insight into the Careers Strategy, to be published by the government shortly. The strategy hopes to put in place Gatsby Benchmarks, a high-quality careers programme in every school and college; to encourage encounters with providers and employers; tailored advice to meet individual needs; and to make the most of the rick sources of information about jobs and careers that exist.

She continued, “This skills revolution is dependant upon people having the best possible advice about the career path they should take.”

“One that makes the most of their talents.”

“Careers guidance is central to social mobility.”

“It is about making sure that people from communities in every part of the land can develop the knowledge and confidence they need to progress.”

“And have a clear plan to help them get there.”

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