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Find what funding schemes for which you qualify.

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I make no excuse for pasting this information from a government website because I know many savvy business women who are unaware of these opportunities. And I am sure the funders will look particularly kindly on women who want some business financial help. Click here.

Choose from many available funding types

England based entrepreneurs, who are seeking small business financing assistance in the form of a loan, grant, or other aid programme, need to know where to look. Government funding programmes can help fund many business expenses, including; employee training, product development, website building, equipment purchasing and much more. Our independent research organisation provides small business resources that can help you get government money and provide advice to move your business forward.

Government funding can help entrepreneurs with their needs

Various England based government departments have set aside finances in support of grants, loans, and other funding programmes that can aid small businesses reach their objectives. As an independent research organisation separate from any government, our advice is unbiased and can help entrepreneurs build or begin their small business.

Government money can kick start your small business

Take advantage of the small business loans and grants currently available from the government whether you are looking for a little money or a lot. Knowing how and where to apply can be an invaluable benefit. Our independent firm can help with information on government funds to launch or grow a small business. Find grant and loan recipients from your region on our grant recipients section.

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