Graduate careers: The social CV

The online profiles that you have are more important than ever when it comes to finding a job after university. It’s shown in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers that nearly 95% of graduate programmes and employers will view your social media platforms when considering you for a career.Online Brand Reputation

So it’s strange that according to a survey at the University of Leeds found that just 3% of UK graduate will secure a job using social media. According to the statistics, it’s not only possible but recommended to present yourself professionally through your social media accounts to attract recruiters.

To enhance your online presence it’s important to create a personal brand online by using a consistent username across all platforms and mention the type of work you’re passionate about. Think of it as an extensive online social CV.

Remember: Your social media profile can prove or even disprove claims you’ve made on your CV. Any hobbies or interests listed on your CV in particular. Display these on your profiles.

Once your ‘brand’ is created and perfected, it’s crucial to stay relevant to the companies that you might aspire to join. For example actively follow recruiters and companies to keep up with their news and more importantly – their vacancies.

Consider creating two Facebook profiles: one personal, and one professional. Provide detail on your professional account that showcases your strengths and talents, join groups and get involved.
– Don’t forget to up the security settings on your personal account!

Maximise how many employers view your LinkedIn page – when they’re researching they’ll search using key words, make sure these key words relevant to your preferred career are used on your profile. Join groups and connect with friends, peers and family.

Instagram is your life in pictures, because of this you are able to create a brand much more easily. Think about your key words and hashtags in particular. If a company has an Instagram account don’t hesitate to follow them – there’s someone on the other side that will notice the notifications!

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