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graduate-women logo is an online resource that offers information, support, jobs, graduate schemes and networking to female graduates. With its relevance to women joining the workforce, it attracts high quality graduates from top universities in the UK, and provides and place for them to learn about the industry and connect with potential employers.

Bearing in mind that diversity is a topic being increasingly championed by businesses, it has been found that diverse teams are more effective and successful, in addition to being more representative of the markets they work in.

Many companies see the route to achieving long term gender diversity as attracting high quality female graduates, and developing their careers internally.

It is these companies that we champion here at graduate-women, and we want to make graduates aware of the brands that are leading the way in terms of their diversity policies and engagement with graduates.

Parent company is the largest independently owned graduate job board in the UK, we’ve been established for over 10 years and have a wide range of loyal clients who come back to us year after year to help deliver their graduate intake. When talking to our client base, we found that attracting enough high quality female applicants was particularly key, in light of their commitment to addressing gender diversity. And so, was born out of both a passion for solving our client’s problems and a great and deep understanding of how to attract candidates to organisations and jobs.

Looking at gender diversity

The UK is a diverse and culturally rich country, and with this in mind companies are assessing how diverse their workforce is, and they’re taking positive action to make sure it is more reflective of society and their customers. This takes into consideration differences in race, gender, age and socio-economic status as an example.

Many companies have, or are developing diversity policies to reflect their on-going commitment to creating a more diverse workforce.

As gender is such a big part of this, exists to assist these companies in addressing this aspect of diversity.

What does do for companies?

Although their vacancies and graduate schemes are available to both men and women, this site is a place for advertisers to reach out to a specific part of their target market. It is a place for companies to connect with graduates, advertise their jobs and explain why their company is a great place for women to work. They will also show how they are addressing diversity in the workplace by:

  • Interacting and communicating with them through our networking portals
  • Providing case studies about successful graduate women who have progressed in their business
  • Taking part in interviews that explain what their diversity policy is, how it affects the company and demonstrates their commitment to closing the gender gap

It is therefore a branding, engagement and communication tool as much as it is a job board.

What does do for female graduates?

Engage with and explore potential employers

This site is about creating a platform for women to consider not only their first job but also their long-term career; to speak to women specifically about what’s important to them in their working life and how they might go about developing it. We showcase great female role models in specific sectors which are under-represented, to help women graduates paint a picture of careers they can have and motivate them towards that.

Female graduates will read the site to learn what might be possible for them in terms of jobs and other opportunities, given their interests, degree and results and what their aspirations are. In this sense, the site will be attracting high quality candidates, that are career orientated and eager to discover how they will fit into and progress in the business world.

The site aims to raise awareness of the opportunities for women in general across all sectors of organisation, public to private, not-for-profit to multi- nationals. seeks to raise awareness of the benefits of workplace diversity, female role models and create a focal point for graduating women. Nevertheless, all jobs on this site are open to all graduates, regardless of gender. 

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