Graduates want more opportunities

The British Army have conducted research into the Graduate workforce and have concluded that less than half of graduates feel their job lives up to their expectations.

The Graduate workforce’s ‘wish list’ comprises of wanting more opportunities from their roles, 61% wanting to earn a good salary, and by doing something that makes them proud. 32% of those surveyed wanted a job that makes a difference to people’s lives.

Of the 1001 UK graduates surveyed, just 13% felt that their organisation take an active interest in their health and fitness.

The survey comes in support of the British Army’s latest ‘With Heart With Mind’ recruitment campaign, promoting Army Officer careers. They offer world-class leadership training, challenges and the opportunity to do something that really makes a difference in the world.

Captain Chloe Booty, who is a training officer in 101 Engineer Regiment is in full support of the campaign and with more female graduates taking on Army Officer roles. ’The Army invests in you as a person and provides you with the necessary training and qualifications to set you up in your career and prepare you for the future. I’ve gained further academic qualifications since becoming an Army officer…’.

She went on to describe the experience of being an Officer: ‘I’ve visited more than 19 different countries in the space of four years, including Peru, Thailand, Jordan and Canada. Your colleagues become your best mates in the Army, and together you will achieve things you never truly thought were possible…I’m proud to be a British Army Officer as I have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world.’ shutterstock_311412740

General Paul Nanson, Commandant of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst commented: ‘Our support network is second to none, with training delivered progressively, building on the natural talent every individual brings to us. British Army Officers are given real opportunities to make a positive difference to the world on a daily basis, whether they serve for a full career or just a few years. That meaningful purpose is something we know today’s new generation of leaders is looking for’.

And the campaign has backing from female athletes too. Major Heather Stanning, Olympic Gold medalist, has lent her support: ‘I’ve always had an interest in the Army, it’s something that started at a young age when I gained an Army Scholarship at school…I’d encourage students to take a look at what the Army has to offer when it comes to weighing up career options’.

A unique tour will be taking place around the UK’s universities, starting today at the University of Edinburgh. The tour will provide students will opportunities to find out more about Army careers, put leadership skills to the test in challenges, and even use virtual reality headsets to try out a parachute jump.

The ‘With Heart, With Mind’ campaign shows that there is more to the British Army than just combat roles, and female graduates who may be looking for something more active and fulfilling can find out more by searching ‘Army Officer Jobs’, visit or call 0345 700 1700.
Did you know, as an Army Officer:

– You receive an annual salary of £30,922 after training plus pension.

– You receive 30 days annual holiday on top of all the usual bank holidays, and extra time off in lieu of operations.

– You receive the best leadership and management training in the world.

– You have opportunities to travel overseas for operations, adventurous training, sport and peacekeeping.

– You have access to free gym and sports facilities, with world class fitness and nutritional advice.

– You gain skills and qualifications that are transferable to life after the Army.

– Any medical procedures or dental work that you require is paid for by the Army and is carried out by fully qualified Army personnel or private practices where necessary.

– You have a clear promotion structure to follow. Each successive rank brings extra responsibilities, duties and respect, and an increase in pay.

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