Green hair! – Karine Jackson Guest Blogger

Grass on an old mans headIn Australia, where I’m from, we routinely save water and think eco more than Londoners do.  Our water shortages are major compared to the UK’s, and it is simply second nature to reuse and recycle.  There are loads of simple ways that I can make my salon more eco-friendly, like using lower water pressure at the backwash, organic cotton towels and halogen lighting.  Local London councils do not make it exactly easy for small businesses like mine to recycle, which sits at odds with their supposed commitment to eco-friendliness, but we try our hardest!

One of my missions in my salon is to help people come to the understanding that using organic colour is better for everyone.

Your hair appreciates not being bombarded with chemicals, the environment isn’t being subjected to toxins, you’re not sitting in an ammonia-fume filled salon and your colourist isn’t being exposed to chemicals either.

The colour lasts just as long and can be as strong and powerful as you like.

Since I introduced Organic Colour Systems (OCS) to my Litchfield St salon in summer 2007, with the aim of giving clients a more eco-friendly alternative to the usual big brands, over 80% of clients switched over to the organic colour.

There’s no need for using organic colour to be viewed as some kind of quality sacrifice. After all, OCS won the coveted Your Hair award for Best Luxury Organic Range. Just like ten years ago Londoners wouldn’t think twice about sticking a can in the rubbish bin rather than the recycling bin, in ten years time everyone will be using organic colour – if you can get the same results without hurting your hair, your pocket or the environment, why wouldn’t you?

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