The job hunt is a daunting time. It can feel like a perpetual slog with no end in sight and struggling on with it every day can seem super difficult.

However, there are habits to get into to make successful job hunting come more natural to you. Here’s how.

Be proactive

Simply signing up for job alerts and clicking “apply” seemingly at random won’t cut it in this day and age. You need to be actively searching on multiple sites, tailoring your applications, emailing HR departments.

Your dream job is out there – you just have to find it.

Get the word out

Make sure people know you’re seeking work. The likelihood is, most jobs will be filled before they’re even advertised to the public, so having your name and face in the mix will help make it infinitely more likely you’ll be considered.

Think outside the box

Applying for jobs as they’re advertised on sites is just one way of searching for jobs. You need to be contacting people in the industry, old contacts and companies, attending networking events and building your contact list.

It may sound like a slog, but keeping things changing actually helps the job hunt be a more interesting time.

Know your end game

From the first click of an email right up to a job interview, you need to have a clear and concise mission as to what you want. Be flexible, sure, but if you’re too woolly or vague in your career plan, it can make it seem like you haven’t thought things through. Plus, not knowing where you’re going makes it infinitely more difficult to get there.

Team up

If you know someone else who’s on the job hunt, combine your efforts. Having someone else onside keeping their eye out for opportunities means you’re more likely to come across one, plus you can motivate each other and lift each other’s mood.

Be social media savvy

Know that potential employers will be looking into your social media presence. Have your personal accounts private, or simply have a professional page you’d be happy to be judged based on.

Stand out

There are commonly plenty of viable candidates for any job role, so choosing one person can be tricky for employers. Try to stand out by having an unusual skill or particularly warm personality to boost your odds.

Follow and court companies you’re interested in

Treat potential employers like potential dates: learn all you can about them and stay in contact. You want to be on their radar and show them you really do have a passion for the work they do.

Be patient

Maintaining patience during a job hunt can be tricky, but know that the eventual end game will be worth the hard work now. Keeping a positive and upbeat attitude is one of the best ways to ensure subsequent success.


You need to be working on multiple job applications at a time. Even if your skills are perfect, your experience impressive and your demeanor wonderful, there are still times you won’t get the job.

And waiting until one application is done before starting another means the job application process will be extremely drawn out. Shortcut your way to success by playing multiple hands at once.

 About the author

Annie Walton Doyle writes for Inspiring Interns, which specialises in sourcing candidates for internships and graduate jobs.