More than half of UK female entrepreneurs face stereotyping

female entrepreneurs

More than half of female entrepreneurs have been branded with stereotypical gender labels, according to a new survey.

The research, carried out by NatWest, found that 52 per cent of female entrepreneurs in the UK are still facing gender stereotypes.

The survey discovered that 18 per cent of those asked had been described as self-assured, while 20 per cent had been called opinionated. One in ten said they had been described as being ‘feisty’ or ‘vocal’.

Sam Smethers, Chief Executive of the Fawcett Society said, “This research shows that lazy gender stereotypes are still dominating the way we think about women in business, and women entrepreneurs in particular.”

“Women face additional practical, cultural and attitudinal barriers all the time. I wonder how those feisty or opinionated men would like it?”

Despite these stereotypes and barriers, the research also found that of those who had faced stereotyping, a fifth of them said these comments made them more determined to succeed.

Alongside this, almost half of those surveyed believed that comments directed towards their peers have become more positive over the last five years.


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