Happy Go Lucky ’13?



I am very determined that ’13 will be my lucky number which means that for me, this is the year that I will like to see a good thing come out of my dating experiences. Don’t get me wrong, I am having great fun dating but when you have so much to do, goals to accomplish, careers to pursue and places to see, you wish to take that journey with a stable so and so (you know the one guy that you would really like to spend your life journey with) and not be trolling through the options week after week after week, after week!

Yes,  the prospects of meeting someone new is exciting but it sure is about time that I move on from the searching to enjoying some level of stability. And this my dear friends MUST happen this year! There’s no shred of desperation here, I’m just putting out a positive vibe for good things to happen to me this year.

Having hope without following it through with actions however is totally meaningless. I could dream till the cows come home but if I don’t actually put some action behind the hopes that I am conceiving for myself , then all is indeed meaningless. So I am changing things around, upping the ante to a fourth level by my scale of 1 -5 where 5 is the most extreme.   I did good in 2012 and will put the experiences to research but for 2013, I sure need to focus a little bit more and be decisive with my choice, which is why continuing to be faithful to the Programme, will do me more good than harm. And if resolutions are anything to go by, I am also choosing to acknowledge that ALL THINGS will not be discovered in a potential guy in one day but like an onion,  it will take time and tears!

So I am gathering momentum to overcome the fear that comes from the ‘what if’s’, which,  when I think  about it comes from indecisiveness really; for to be indecisive is to be afraid of a sure outcome, which is also really funny because when I also think about it even more, the sum total of a full life is in its ups and downs; life is  never up and never down. It oscillates.  And so for me to let go and flow at this fourth level, the down times will be dealt with independently as they come along but will never be perceived! The up times will however be perceived, conceived and cherished

Twenty-thirteen will surely be my lucky year. Here’s to finding, choosing and celebrating life with the Right Guy in 2013

How do you like that?

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