Helping Your Man Embrace This Summer’s Fashion

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Warm weather is here again and it’s time to start looking into clothes that can keep your man cool. You know that you like him to look good, so why not take some time to help him pick out some great clothes.

As a woman, you probably already know all about the styles that are trending for women this summer, but what about the guys? Men’s fashion has its place for trends too, so why not look at what’s in style and then decide what your man needs to have a fun and successful summer, looking and feeling cool the whole time.

Summer Trends in Men’s Fashion

Every year, you see new trends coming out in clothing, for both men and women. These trends start on the runway and then make it into the stores and online shops you frequent. If you want to be flashing the latest styles, here is what you need to be looking for.

  • Stripes- Stripes are definitely an in thing this year. Striped shirts, stripes short, and striped everything. If you’re in to mens preppy clothing like polos, get your guy some great striped shirts that are sure to keep him looking and feeling cool this summer.
  • Denim- Not that denim ever goes out of style, it appears that the jean jacket is a great choice for both men and women again this year. His jean jacket will be perfect for cooler nights around the bonfire.
  • Red- Don’t get your guy anything pink, even though some guys don’t mind. However, you can buy him some nice red accent pieces. Red is a popular colour this year. For something simple, go for a red tee. If you want him in more, red trousers or shorts are great.
  • Greens and Blues- These two colors are also very popular and they fit in with the trend of men wearing floral patterns also. And no, we’re not just talking about Hawaiian shirts. If your man can pull it off, get him a great pair of floral skinny jeans and he’ll be kicking it in style. As far as the greens and blues go, the hue is up to you.
More Than Just the Look
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Dressing fresh for summer isn’t just about the style and the colors though. You want to keep in mind that your man is going to be hot this summer (in more ways than one), so you want to look for fabrics that are going to help keep him cool.

Cotton is probably one of the best materials to look for. It’s breathable and comfortable. Since it’s a natural fabric it’s also great for the environment. Linen and rayon are also nice lightweight materials, so they make great choices also.

Remember, summer isn’t always searing hot, so you’ll want to ensure your man has some items for layering. Layers are perfect for chilly camping nights and nights roasting marshmallows around the bonfire.
If your man is in need of an updated look, take him out fashion shopping and use this great guide to help find him the perfect new wardrobe for this summer. Just be prepared for him to be popular with the ladies.

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