Hillary Clinton due to “let her guard down” in new election memoir discussing challenges of being a woman in the public eye

 Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton is releasing a new book entitled What Happened, promising a ‘deeply intimate account’ of her electoral battle against Donald Trump. 

The book, due to be released by Simon & Schuster in September, will focus on what it was like for Clinton to run against Donald Trump for President, the challenges of being a woman in the public eye and how she coped with losing the election.

Part of the book will also be devoted to the sexism Clinton has experienced throughout her political career.

“The criticism over her voice, age, and body, and how all women in politics confront a double standard whenever they express anger or ambition,” reads the description from the book’s publishers.

In the introduction of ‘What Happened’, Clinton writes: “In the past, for reasons I try to explain, I’ve often felt I had to be careful in public, like I was up on a wire without a net.”

“Now I’m letting my guard down,”

Publishers Simon & Schuster previously announced Clinton’s musings as a series of essays, but said the essays had developed into a “full memoir”. They explained to US Press:

“She speaks about the challenges of being a strong woman in the public eye, the criticism over her voice, age and appearance, and the double standard confronting women in politics.”

“She lays out how the 2016 election was marked by an unprecedented assault on our democracy by a foreign adversary.” said Simon & Schuster.

“The election of 2016 was unprecedented and historic. What Happened is the story of that campaign and its aftermath – both a deeply intimate account and a cautionary tale for the nation.”

Clinton also told press that “It will also give readers an idea of what it’s really like to run for president, especially if you’re a woman … Ultimately it’s about resilience, how to get back up after a loss.”


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