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Wow what a week!!!
Although rules are good for the soul, rules some say give the permission  to break boundaries. Now that may or may not be true at all  but then and again, how can I tell if I haven’t gone through it myself! Dilemma! Dilemma!!

According to old wisdom, if I let  the guys do the chasing right from the beginning, I am bound to have peace and a high level of conviction (see last blog) that he truly truly is into me!!. Now this may or may not make any sense at all (especially in these times) but one thing is for sure,  it is bloody damn hard to do that especially for a gal with a high level of D and I personality traits!! Oh dear!!!

You know how I said from the beginning that the Journey model is well needed especially after the second date? Well, I also figured out that I could perhaps try and increase the level of suitable (or near suitable) guys at the first stage (the broad universe). That way I can reduce the riffraff ( to say the very least) that slip through the cracks onto the second date stage as you know that the ultimate goal is to end up with the right guy !! So I figured, that if I am to reduce the time that I am wasting testing things out and maybe focus a little bit more then maybe, just maybe I may be able to speed up the journey , just a little bit. This of course is not to say that some of these riffraff dates haven’t been fun! They have been!! Only the guys did not match up  to what I was looking for….

Anyhow, I met Jamieson (protecting the innocent) at a professional networking drinks last week! On the surface, he meets all the original critera; hot blooded Italian ( yep I like them too) very cute, looked matured enough and may I add, flipping sexy too. Now Italians do tend to have a way into my heart!!  I am not soo certain what it is exactly but have you noticed how they express themselves? Full of life!! Enthusiastic and  boy can be super macho too if they choose to!!  But it is also their way of life that really scares the bejesus out of me!!

Well, Jamieson is something else! He didn’t waste anytime at all to tell me exactly what he was thinking.  Best not to be too explicit on here, but I am very ashamed to say that I did find his forwardness to be very attractive. I really liked that!! We just hit it off straight away. In no time, Jamieson was whispering sweet nothing’s in my ears, and as a WiseGirl who also likes having fun, I enjoyed his sweet nothings!! A little bit!! I need to let my ‘hat’  down a little now and then!! I’m sure you will agree that a girl needs to relax a bit! Our flirtatious conversation just wasn’t going anywhere really but the underlying currents of the conversation was just simply too strong to ignore. We floated between vineyards in Italy to London spotlights then back to sweet nothings. Clearly we also had a bit of help from Presecco to keep us giggling all along…Fun!! but also very dangerous!!

I was having too much fun I must say. But then I remembered, if I haven’t learnt anything at all from Ms Monroe over the past few months, I have learnt that  a WiseGirl leaves before she is left so as things were hitting up, I simply had to  excuse myself away from him!! As forward as he is, his parting words were somehow kind…. he handed me his card and said, “you know what, I’ve had a great time tonight!! Here’s my card, I would like for you to call, but if you don’t call, then I’ll know you’re already taken but if you do call, that will be nice’!!!….

Now what do I do now?? Do I hold onto old wisdom or simply take a chance and call him!!.. Dilemma!!! Dilemma!!! Dilemma!!!

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