What holds us back from success and how to make a break through

Career womenAlexandra Watson, Leading Success Mentor and best-selling author

Most people want more success in their lives. It’s a natural human desire; to have more, be more and do more. Nothing in nature should stand still, we constantly need to grow and this is a spiritual and emotional growth as well as an intellectual one.

So if the natural desire for success is there why are so few people experiencing it at the level they want? Today it’s easier than ever to have access to resources to help you succeed – there are huge opportunities for growth all the time, so what is holding a majority of us back?

Our Struggle with Success

The general consensus is that if you want to be successful, then you have to work hard at it. We believe throughout most of society that success requires effort and an enormous amount of energy in order to achieve it. This belief alone can put many people off even trying, and it does.

The desire to be successful may lie in your heart, but the ability to create success lies in your head.

But what if you are a go-getter, someone with oodles of energy and you’re still not as successful as you’d like to be? This means you are holding on to beliefs that make success difficult for you to attain or sustain. Beliefs about yourself will determine how close you get to success throughout your career. If your beliefs push success away or resist it then you can see why becoming more successful is a struggle.

On top of success being a struggle, many of us believe that success takes time. Surely this is true? Surely being successful takes years? For some success does take many years of hard work and preparation, but is that because they don’t know another way? I personally believe that in order to be successful you first have to do some inner work because being successful at being successful is an inside job.

The Successful Mind

The desire to be successful may lie in your heart, but the ability to create success lies in your head. Your chance of being successful infinitely increases when you develop a Successful Mind. The truth is that ‘success’ lives within you all the time, but your ability to access it depends on your state of mind.

Success can come to us at great speed. BUT, and it’s a big but…this can ONLY happen if you ALLOW it to happen.

The break through comes when you develop your ‘Successful Mind’ – your innate capability of being all you can be. It’s a place where you are highly tuned into what you need and want – and how to get both with ease. You’ve probably heard a lot about inner wisdom and personal power over the years but The Successful Mind concept brings them together in such a way that takes you naturally forward.

Most of the time we are blocking success and so it is your job to be aware of your thoughts and feelings and ensure that they work with you and not against you. Move away from negativity, doubt and fear and instead hold in your mind the image of whatever success is to you. Build on it everyday and look for ways to make it happen. Ignore the rest.

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