85 per cent of ‘homepreneurs’ are happier being self-employed, research reveals


A new study has revealed that 85 per cent of people working from home are much happier than when they were working elsewhere.

The study by Solopress asked 500 ‘homepreneurs’ about the ins and outs of their working week, in order to find out why they decided to start a business from home.

Despite over half admitting to earning less than they were in a previous role, 85 per cent said they were happier working from home because they could focus on their own future.

More than half of those surveyed 52 per cent told Solopress that they enjoy making their own schedules, whilst 30 per cent work from home because of flexibility around their children.

Other reasons from starting a business at home included no commuting (19 per cent), being your own boss (22 per cent), more time for hobbies (41 per cent) and to earn more money (25 per cent).

However, when asked ‘What do you miss about your old office job?’, over 60 per cent of the respondents said they missed social interaction.

42 per cent wanted their sick pay and holiday leave back, whilst 34 per cent enjoyed being able to ‘switch off’.

The research also found that almost two thirds of homepreneurs take zero sick days in the entire year, whilst just a quarter take between one and three.

37 per cent only take 30 minutes for their lunch, whilst 20 per cent don’t take a lunch break at all.

Aaron Priest, co-founder of Solopress said the idea behind the research was to discover if ‘biting the bullet’ was ‘satisfying and rewarding’.

“It’s interesting to see that despite the hard work and risk, the majority of home business owners are feeling happier and more fulfilled.”

“Money doesn’t always motivate people the way happiness and appreciation in a career can, which is something companies should take note of if they want to retain employees,” he adds.

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