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As you have probably gathered I LOVE snorkeling, there’s something so freeing being in clear blue water surrounded by a stunning array of fish with the sun beating down on you.

It’s the only time my overactive brain stops thinking. Almost going blank as my thought’s clear and I just enjoy the moment.

Because I love it so much there was no doubt we’d go on a snorkeling trip on the honeymoon however Matt was a tad nervous. You see the last time we went on one we had a bit of an incident. I am a really good swimmer and confident but while snorkeling in 20 feet of water I got hit by a wave which knocked my goggles off my face and I couldn’t see anything. Matt was close by next to a little sand island about 6 x 6 feet. I was just outside of it treading nothing but water. The waves were pretty strong and I just couldn’t catch my breath or stay still to wipe my eyes so I went under again and again. I began to panic but thankfully Matt came to my rescue. He put his whole body under water barely touching the island and pushed me up towards the surface. He walked on the sand under water until my whole body was out of water. We both collapsed on the sand.

I was spitting out water for ages shocked and impressed with my hero hehe.

So on the honeymoon you can understand why he might be a tad worried about this trip. Anyway we got on the boat with our gear in hand and rather than going to a sand island we went straight into deep water which makes me nervous. But we got in and off we went, I stayed close to the instructor while other couples hung back a bit not as confident in the water. Matt was close by my side. We swam over a large section of corral and he pointed out sting rays, moray eels and all sorts. Then we saw the turtles. The instructor had told us before we entered the water do not touch them. One of the ladies ignored this and charged after the turtle trying to touch it but instead she ended up grabbing its tale which startled it. The instructor was there though and pulled her away. He made her go to the surface and told her never to do that again. Meanwhile I was quite far out from the group having followed another turtle.

I didn’t try to touch it I just swam with it and it swam by my side only inches from me. I looked it straight in the eye and I was smiling from ear to ear.

You see they are such gentle creatures and are happy to swim with you as long as you don’t chase, thrash around or touch them. Matt was signalling to me for ages trying to get me to come back but I was in a world of my own hehe.

I did eventually realise I was quite away from the corral and surrounded by dark blue water which makes me automatically think of sharks. So I put on a burst of speed and swam back to the group. We saw groups of other turtles that day and it was great seeing them in their natural habitat.

This snorkeling trip went without a hitch; no waves, no choking on water and no need of my knight in shining armour to save me.

It was a great day and of course after we went for dinner. We both ate loads again going up so many times for more we lost count. That’s another thing I love about Matt he doesn’t judge me when I eat. He never looks at me funny or comments on how much I eat. Even if I eat 7 bowls of desserts hahaha. He was laughing his head off though when the waiter man tried to take one of my bowls before I was finished.


Never mess with me and my food hehe.

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