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It’s been a while since I last posted but this year just seems to be flying by. I cannot believe Matt and I have been married for 10 months, it feels like only yesterday. Guess its time to finish off the Honeymoon story.

As you know I had a shorter version of my wedding dress custom made. Not only did I need one so I could actually dance on our wedding night but I also wanted to take it away with us and wear it one night.

Any excuse to dress up and I’m in hehe

We were umming and ahhhing about what to do on the honeymoon for our special night as the island offered loads of options but we finally settled for the Sunset Pergola Dinner. We planned this for the middle of the second week. I was sooooooo excited all day. I snorkelled for a few hours that day. Deciding to swim around the whole of the island which was really fun, few scary deep parts but all in all a relaxing swim filled with all my fishy friends.

Then it was time to get glammed up.

Due to the heat I didn’t bother with too much make up and I only tonged the bottom of my hair rather than fuffing around curling it all.

It was too hot for all that nonsense.

Plus I thought the dress was the statement piece not my hair/make up. When it came time to put the dress on I had coached Matt on how to do it, making him wash his hands about 10 times before I’d let him touch it. He impressed me though by effortlessly doing up the back of dress in about 20 minutes. He played the role of photographer and hubby that day bless him.

As we made our way to the meal it was funny to see the reaction everyone had seeing me in the dress. Lots of couples thought we were getting married and were clapping and cheering which was sweet. Finally after a few shots on the jetty we were lead to our table. It was in the perfect spot. They had candles dotted around the table and although when we arrived it wasn’t dark yet I couldn’t wait for the sun to set as I knew it was going to be very romantic.

We started off with bread and butter that you could actually spread.

Don’t you hate it when the butter is rock solid and tears the bread when you try to spread it?

It’s a bug bear for me and Matt but thankfully we didn’t have to moan as it spread perfectly. Next we ordered a gorgeous bottle of Rose. While we waited for the first course we sat and watched the sunset. It was a really special moment for me, I was a bit emotional but I managed to hold back the tears. I was just so happy I felt I could burst. He as always looked very handsome in his shirt and 3/4’s with his big blue eyes.

With the sound of the waves gently lapping at the shore it was like we were in our own private heaven.

Before I waffle on and bore you all I’ll get to the food hehe. As you know me and Matt aren’t very big fish eaters so we did have to change one of the courses to steak but we decided to be daring and try the other courses as they were. To start we had scallops they were ok but I thought the texture was a bit weird. 2nd course was lobster, we’d always wanted to try it but it’s quite expensive in England and a waste of money if you don’t like it so this was the perfect chance to try it. I thought the lobster was stunning. We both wolfed it down with shocked expressions on our faces when we saw our empty plates.

Next was the main event Fillet Steak yummmmmmmmmm.

Firstly the pictures do not do it justice it was by far the biggest piece of fillet steak we’d ever had and it was cooked to perfection. Our own personal chef did an amazing job with it. The red wine sauce it came with was gorgeous but I would have liked more.

It was one of those times when you wish no one could see you so you could lick the plate hehe.

Next was dessert a duo of chocolate delight which was nice and light after the other meals.  Matt bless him couldn’t resist licking his plate on this course tut tut. After dessert we just sat there finishing off our wine and chatting the night away. We talked about everything from our past and what we hoped for the future.

I’ll never forget that night.

The next day the hubby impressed me with his camera skills again. We went out on the beach and jetty and took some pics of me in my shorter wedding dress. We only had a few more days left after this so we relaxed and soaked up the sun on the beach for rest of our stay only venturing out for food.

Before we picked the honeymoon we knew it would cost quite a bit to get what we wanted however it was more than worth it. It was the best holiday we’d been on and the perfect way to start married life. If you get a chance to go there do it, it is an amazing island with fabulous friendly people and an air of tranquillity that not many other places can offer.

So there you go ladies the end of my wedding journey and what a journey it was. If you have any questions or stories then please contact me as I’d love to help all you budding brides to make your day special. [email protected]

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