How businesses can be more efficient in 2022

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Remember that dreaded commute? The one we had to do twice a day, five days a week?

Packed into the 07:33 to London Bridge like sardines, and then back home again on the 18:47. Every day. We were like robots programmed to spend hours of our precious time every week travelling. They say every cloud has a silver lining…

Over the last two years, we’ve seen digital transformation on steroids as companies and employees have thrown themselves to hybrid working. We didn’t take much persuasion. What we now see is individuals that are more self-sufficient than ever before as they’ve adapted to their new, agile working environments.

I’m pleased to say that remote and hybrid working are here to stay, and decision-makers must find the best way of working to suit their employees’ needs. Some work more efficiently at home, others see greater returns in the office. With the flexible working precedent set, business must remain flexible too. That is where listening, adapting and technology are your friends – not only will they enable your teams to be more efficient, but they’ll also facilitate more flexible, more empowered and more engaged staff. And let’s be honest, happy staff are good for business.

  1. Listen

Create an environment which enables your teams and customers to be heard. Feedback is crucial for any business, so look for lessons learned and do something about them Be proactive in learning and refining your offering. All of this will help continuous improvement and is a key factor in driving efficiencies across your entire business.

  1. Adapt

Offer the option to change the way individuals work and think differently on how to get the job done. In a time of unprecedented disruption, companies need to expand their arsenal of tools and processes to give individuals the power to work from anywhere. People no longer have a manager looking over them 9-5 in the office, providing immediate feedback. The world has changed, and to be more efficient, individuals need to be more alert, forward thinking and operate in a different way.

Companies that have been able and willing to adapt to the changing world of business have seen an increase in new opportunities – not least in a drastically increased potential talent pool, that no longer has to be located within 30 miles of the office. 

  1. Use Technology

Technology doesn’t only enable us to work from home. It’s the golden ticket to efficiency. Use technology to remove manual processes and ensure that individuals have the right toolkits to support your customers and get the job done as quickly and effectively as possible. Having a selection of resources available to individuals will boost productivity and streamline a lot of time-consuming processes that will more than make up for any sunk costs involved in implementing the technology.

In today’s fast-paced world, developing an efficient workforce has never been more important. Those that will thrive will be those that listen, adapt and use technology to get ahead.

About the author

Jess BoothAs Head of Revenue and Operations, Jessica Booth’s core focus is to improve and evolve Babble’s processes and, in turn, drive efficiency in the organisation. Working alongside the sales and support functions to deliver mobile, connectivity and IT services to Babble’s customers, Jessica is responsible for team management, procurement, delivery of Babble’s extensive product and service offering, as well as overseeing contract renewals and terminations.

During her 18 years working in the sector, Jessica’s has successfully completed  complex billing migrations – consolidating five different billing system on to one core platform; substantially improved the use of Babble’s CRM system; and developed a credit control team that specifically manages the company’s cash collections which has reduced the overall aged debt of the business. Looking ahead, Jessica will play a vital role in growing teams into a scalable model, making a positive difference to how employees and customers interact with each other – making doing business with Babble even easier.

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