How Is Imposter Syndrome Hurting Your Business? | 2019 Imposter Syndrome Research Study

Ditching the Imposter Syndrome

Do you find your rising stars hit an invisible glass ceiling, beyond which they either leave or stop performing to the level you expect?

Do you have highly able team members who struggle to deliver on time, despite clear objectives? Do you find that your high-flyers work long hours and then go off sick, when you need them most? Do you have teams that people secretly acknowledge are toxic, but you can’t seem to fix the problem? Are you struggling to break through barriers on productivity? Performance? Profit?

Then Imposter Syndrome could be to blame.

The landmark 2019 Imposter Syndrome Research Study shows that the phenomenon could be costing British businesses billions…… yet hardly any of them have processes in place to identify employees who are struggling with it – or strategies to support them.

The research was carried out to professional research standards and included fifty qualitative interviews and 2,000 respondents on a quantitative survey.

Respondents were self-selecting and included men and women, with and without Imposter Syndrome, mainly UK-based, from solo businesses through to FTSE-100 companies.

It was led by Clare Josa, who has a background in Masters-Degree-level research and was formerly Head of Market Research for one of the UK’s most disruptive brands.


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