How saying yes to your most daring ideas can change your business for the better

I’ve had to prove people wrong more than once in my career.

When I started my first business at age 19, I was able to take it worldwide in the space of just two years – despite having no idea what I was doing. But while everyone around me saw success, I felt only dissatisfaction with the life I had made for myself. So I decided to make a change.

In 2013 I walked away from the business I had built from the ground up, much to the dismay of the people around me. They couldn’t understand why I would abandon something so lucrative and secure to start over from scratch. But I knew I wanted to pursue something else, something more fulfilling. I had to trust my instincts and go for it.

So I went ahead and started my coaching business, and in the beginning it was tough. In the first six months I struggled to connect with potential clients, and despite having a strong selling background I didn’t make a single sale.

To try and get my new business up and running, I followed every piece of advice offered by respected gurus, and had freebies and funnels coming out of my ears. Still there were no leads. Anxiety began to creep in, and it would sometimes feel as though the daring choice I had made was the wrong one. But I believed in myself, in my idea, and I was determined to invest in a better future for myself and my family.

I knew that this was not the time to throw in the towel. It was the time to make another bold decision. Once again people questioned my logic – and my sanity – as I threw out all of the advice I had been following and started to take my own steps. This took a great deal of conviction and confidence. But looking back now, I realise that saying no to my ideas had never really been an option for me. I was always going to follow my heart.

From the moment I started to trust in my own process, my business began to grow. The creative strategies and innovative ideas I implemented helped me go from making nothing to making £40k-a-month in a matter of weeks. I am now trusted as a coach who is able to help clients pick themselves up off the ground and start making solid six-figure annual incomes.

It was not an easy road to get here. But while I was sometimes afraid of taking the next step, I never doubted my vision. This, I believe, is where my power lies. I trust in my instincts and have the assurance to see my decisions through to the end, and as a result, my business is booming.

As long as you have a good idea and a can-do attitude, you can make amazing things happen for yourself and your business. And, while you do have to choose to make a big change, if it’s the right change for you then nothing will stop you – you simply won’t let it.

It was daring of me to completely upend my career path, and then to do away with all the advice that was supposed to make me a success. But if I hadn’t, I would be stuck either in a deeply dissatisfying life, or with a business that was making no money despite doing all the right things. As it stands now though, I am both fulfilled and successful. And I owe everything I have to the immense power of saying “yes”.

Jane BakerAbout the author

Multi-award-winning sales coach, entrepreneur and bestselling author Jane Baker wants her clients to live limitlessly, like she does. She currently lives in Lanzarote, Spain, and was listed as a top 100 UK female entrepreneur in 2019. Jane’s secret is she knows how to supercharge a business using actionable strategies and innovative ideas you won’t have thought of. With the knowledge she has acquired, she gives others the opportunity to take their business and income to new, previously unimagined heights. Her recent book, She Lives Limitlessly, takes readers behind the scenes of the steps she took to get her business off the ground, and how she went from making nothing to £40k a month in the space of just 30 days.

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