How the internet and modern relationships correlate

Love - Nina MatthewsThere was a time when all relationships had at least some element of secrecy. Both partners were able to get away with not telling the other half about their previous partners, any affairs they may have had and whether or not they had a few lingering thoughts about wanting to split up. In this day and age, the internet has helped to remove a few layers of secrecy from some relationships.

The growing influence of social media and online dating websites has meant that the internet has become a big thing in many people’s love lives. Now, we’re able to keep in touch with the ones we love the most without having to wait for them to pick up the phone, but is it always a good thing? A recent survey showed that the internet is being used for more sinister motives!

Snooping for the right reasons?

According to the survey, men are four times more likely than women to check up on someone online, but neither gender is too far apart when it comes to snooping on a love interest. 70% of men said that they had gone online to check up on a love interest, while 63% of women said the same. Meanwhile, the Huffington Post revealed that 37% of women did at least some online snooping.

However, there was a big difference when it came to finding out about each other’s exes. 60% of men own up to having kept tabs on an ex-partner, something which does seem a little creepy if interpreted in the wrong way. By contrast, just 38% of women said that they did the same thing, which might suggest that women are a little less prone to being jealous than the guys.

A less than social end

Social media has become an important tool for many to communicate with their partners. However, 6% of people said that they had broken up with someone because of something they did on a social media site. The same percentage of people also said that they had informed someone that they had been dumped on social media, which is pretty cruel, right?

Perhaps all that could be seen as a sign that we should be more careful when we’re online. You can never be too sure who’s watching what we’re doing, what we’re posting and how we’re choosing to express ourselves, especially when feeling frustrated in a relationship.

After a relationship is ended via social media, some interesting habits may arise. One author recently said that the risk of women being obsessed with their now ex-partners could spill over onto social media might lead them to falsely say how over them they claim to be. She also said that it could be dangerous!

That was embarrassing!

One thing to do is avoid being found doing something embarrassing, especially if details are leaked via a popular social media channel. Getting caught short by your partner is a big no-no in any relationship, no matter how outlandish or meek it might seem to you.

Using social media to build a relationship is something that seems a little rare. However, as this example of how a college American Football star hooked up with a cheerleader via Twitter shows, anything is possible with the help of friends.

It’s best not to let the internet govern your relationships. Although it can help you and your partner to keep in touch or even help you meet someone special, sometimes, a little face-to-face conversation can keep the magic going.

Airing your frustrations on social media isn’t the healthy way to let off any steam you have!

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