How to act like a badass entrepreneur

Natalie Campbell featured

We could all use some entrepreneurial swagger in our lives and at the recent Working Girls Network event, Badass Women’s Hour’s, Natalie Campbell, shared some badass principles that hold the secret to taking control of your career, your relationships, even your perceptions of yourself.

Here’s a collection of advice from the award winning entrepreneur herself.

  • In an Instagram world it’s easy to compare yourself to other people you think are more successful, more ‘on it’ and happier than you but it’s all smoke and mirrors. If you want to get ahead run your own race and celebrate every step forward, give yourself all the ‘likes’!
  • Get up, dress up and show up is my top tip for bossing it when you’re feeling insecure. I’ve pretended to be badass on more than a few occasions where my introversion has taken over. After five minutes I usually forget that I’m pretending and smash the meeting, talk or event.
  • Don’t ask, don’t get. If you’re waiting for a pay rise, promotion, to be respected (the list goes on) then you’re doing yourself down. Go and get what’s yours.
  • Take time to figure out who you are. When you’re not someone’s someone, when you’re not a someone’s daughter, someone’s wife, someone’s sister, someone’s best friend. Who are you? Honestly ask yourself that question. That’s the person that you should be putting into any room.

  • Have fun! On the path to getting somewhere, you can forget to have fun. Don’t get lost in the vison and goal of who you want to be. It can be easy to forget to chill the hell out. If you’re laughing from the gut, you’re living a good life.
  • Appreciate family – they may not be related to you – these are the people that nourish you, that enrich you. Celebrate them and enjoy them, take the time to see them.
  • Think about what you’re radiating. Are you resting bitch face? Are you a radiator or are you a drainer? Do people want to be around you? Are you the person that says why things can be done? Be the person that lifts other people up.
  • Being kind is underrated, don’t buy into being a dick to get ahead, you really don’t need to. Actually, it’s the nice people that people remember. Being kind is a good thing, don’t F someone over to get ahead, because it will always come back to bite you in the butt.
  • Pursue wonder – get out there and do what inspires you, if you get that tingle in your heart or in your gut follow it. Don’t let your head rule all the time.
  • Entrepreneurs don’t know if their idea is going to work, but they just do it, and usually it turns out okay
  • Go somewhere alone. You will not die if you go somewhere alone, if it’s in your heart let it out and be free with it.

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