How to balance work and life as a business owning parent

Article by Anne Davies, owner of children’s bedroom furniture retailer Room to Grow

working mumAs entrepreneurs and business owners know all too well, the amount of time spent working is ever increasing, with many in the UK feeling like they never truly stop working.

In the quest to be successful, CEOs and owners alike are more often than not going way above and beyond in terms of workload, never truly shutting off and leaving the business day behind. We’re certainly all guilty of putting work first and foremost more often than not, and whilst the desire to push forward and make a huge success of your business can be great, it’s important to remember to take time out, both for yourself and for your family.

With recent reports suggesting that 46% of female parent entrepreneurs outline work-life balance and balancing childcare as highly important, it’s no surprise that we often need a gentle nudge when it comes to working out our priorities.

A good work-life balance is one where the amount of focus and time given to work is balanced with other aspects of home life, such as taking time out and raising a family. While the exact balance between work versus personal life varies from person to person, it’s important to try and keep it as even as possible. It’s a difficult topic, each individual will have a different way to cope and different levels that work for them and whilst there’s no magic solution for finding a perfect work life balance, there are several tactics that you can use to ease stress and increase happiness.

Anne Davies, entrepreneur and owner of children’s bedroom furniture retailer and specialists in kids bunk beds for sale, Room to Grow, offers her tips for how she manages the progression of her thriving business along with the daily life involved with being a parent.

“For all working parents it is a constant juggling act. I rely on family to help at times and I work at night when my daughter is in bed to catch up. Having said that, I wouldn’t change this for the world. I always spend time with my daughter on an evening finding out about her day and I like to have one day at the weekend when I switch off and spend time with family and friends. I work hard but I love what I do, and I just hope I can be a good role model for my daughter.”

Stick to a schedule

Schedules are key no matter what industry you’re in, they keep you on track and ensure productivity and organisation is at the highest possible level. By implementing a schedule, you’re able to fit in your daily business goals around your family.

Make family time non-negotiable

If you really want to find a healthy balance between your business and your family, then you’re going to need to make some sacrifices. By sticking with your core values and implementing healthy boundaries, you’re much more likely to keep things in order. If you feel you need more family time, or even time to unwind alone, block out non-negotiable time in your schedule.

Build a team you can trust

When you’ve built up a business from scratch, it be exceedingly difficult to relinquish some of the control. By building a team that you trust in its entirety, you’re able to make executive decisions and which activities can or should be delegated, outsourced or automated.

Accept Support

Friends and family are often a huge support to many of us, particularly when attempting to juggle work and everyday life. Whether it’s a loved one that’s offering to take some of the school runs, or a family member who wants to do some of your housework for you whilst you’re out, accept the support that’s being offered to you. Surround yourself with those that care about you, a team effort is always better than trying to do absolutely everything yourself.

Beyond the struggle in balancing work and parenting, recent research by Vistaprint suggests that entrepreneurship can actually make Mums even better parents. With the research going on to suggest that working parents have the ability to leave an important impression on their children, teaching them the importance of qualities such as a strong work ethic, responsibility, leadership skills and commitment, there’s a whole load of evidence to suggest that children within these ambitious and creative families are thriving. Because of this, it’s extremely important to remember that you’re always doing your very best, both for your business and your family. Have faith in your ability to remain a fantastic boss and business owner, as well as a supportive and loving parent.

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