How to be productive as self-employed

Availexe - woman working at homeBeing self-employed can be challenging, even though you have a lot of flexibility with your working hours, it still requires an equal amount of self-discipline.

There are so many distractions, which can take you off track from your actual work, however you can get used to it if you have self-discipline.

Here are some strategies to successfully work and enjoy your life as an independent business owner.

Be sociable

Isolation can make it difficult to be sociable whilst being self-employed, so it is important to get out and explore various work environments, such as coffee shop or workspaces. Ensure you meet new people all the time, schedule face-to-face meetings instead of Skype or other communication channels. Go to networking events, or conferences related to your industry to develop new relationships and expand your network. Build your own community, which will enable you to enjoy your lifestyle, increase your business awareness and overall reduce the isolation.

Stay Focused

We all tend to multitask but it can be distracting, tiring and overall unproductive. It is better to focus on one project at a time, finishing it and then moving on to the next one. Plan your day in advance to avoid interruptions and distractions during the day; knowing what to do during the day improves your productivity, efficiency and keeps you on track. Keep track of all activities to stay organised, create systems, document your progress, schedule all work activities and create to-do lists. Avoid checking non-business related communications too often and do your administrative tasks after-work hours. Simply focus on the goal of the day and finish the most important tasks.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Whilst scheduling your work, consider taking small breaks every two hours. During those breaks you should go away from the computer and stretch, it is truly crucial for your physical health. It can be quite easy to forget to take a break and focus on work but it is unhealthy. In fact, regulated breaks can improve your creativity, productivity and work satisfaction. Make sure you leave the house or workspace to enjoy natural light and get some fresh air.

It is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle, schedule time for weekly exercise, such as in the morning or after work. Add it into your calendar to make it part of your schedule. Combine this with keeping a healthy diet, cook healthy meals and carry small snacks with you.

About Lisiane Ndong

Lisiane Ndong is the owner of Nkiha (formerly Lilie Design), which is a lifestyle brand offering handmade accessories and gifts. She is an entrepreneur who loves working in interior design and fashion. Having worked in the field of marketing in London for 4 years, Lisiane decided to pursue her passion for design by creating her own company. She is also passionate about personnel development, coaching and wellbeing.

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  1. Being sociable was very important for me when I first started working from home, and it still is. No matter how tired I was in the evenings, I just had to get out and take a walk with my friends or my boyfriend. Being sociable is really a fuel to being productive and motivated. You can’t be efficient and focused if you feel lonely or isolated.