How to gain a foothold in the fitness industry

FitnessThe fitness industry in the UK is in tiptop condition.

With over 8.8m members across 6,312 sites, not to mention a market value of £4.3bn, it’s clear the thirst for getting in shape is spreading like wildfire up and down Blighty – so is the demand for fitness professionals qualified to meet this burgeoning demand.

But it takes much more than a fervour for free weights to become a personal trainer.

Whilst you’ve probably grown up with images of Mr Motivator bounding around in garish spandex and sporting a massive grin, the modern PT is typically a decidedly less gaudy individual, although their enthusiasm for fitness can’t be denied.

Indeed, although impressive, hanging around a gym for hours and being able to do 3,000 push ups does not make you qualified to instruct novice or intermediate gym goers on the finer points of fitness and nutrition.

With that mind, here’s how YOU can gain a foothold in the fitness industry…

Sign Up For a Fitness Course

In the same way you wouldn’t trust a carpenter to perform brain surgery or an opera singer to fly an aeroplane, your customers will run a mile if you fail to impress them with the appropriate fitness qualifications.

By scratching around for the requisite personal training courses, however, you’ll knock your clients socks off with your knowledge of the fitness industry, as well as being qualified to offer advice on the dietary requirements to achieve the best results.

Ensure Your Course Is Accredited

To be taken seriously as a personal trainer, gaining qualifications is important – but it’s also crucial these qualifications are worth more than the paper they’re written on. Consequently, it’s vital to avoid signing up for any “fast track” credentials.

To keep yourself right, make sure the fitness course you choose is accredited by a professional body, such as City and Guilds, giving you the peace of mind that comes with having a recognised industry qualification in your locker.

Keep On Learning

In the same way that you must push your body to the physical limit to achieve the best results, flexing your brain requires the same dedication. This means taking the time to keep abreast of changes in the industry and topping up your knowledge where needed.

After all, if your clients feel your training methods are outdated or you’re doling out dietary advice that goes against the general consensus, you’re likely to find them running straight into the arms of your fiercest competitor.

What do you think?

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