How to gain a life you love and deserve with clarity through conscious creation

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Alison Callan is an empathic and heart-led purposeful Global Business Coach to aspiring and conscious female entrepreneurs.

She is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, and a lifelong learner passionate about continuous personal and business development.

She is passionate about sharing her experiences with mindfulness and mind-set making it tangible and practical for inclusion in everybody’s lives, regardless of age and stage.

Alison introduces three top tips to enable you to become consciously aware of the connection between your Mind, Body, Emotions and sense of Self.

There is a lot of emphasis in our lives on doing, however it’s important that you come back to the fundamentals of being, as well as achieving. So that YOU are a balanced, highly functioning, productive entrepreneur, career climber and heart-led human! And that you enjoy these practises as part of your daily routine, while gaining valuable insight and start you on your way towards living a life you love and deserve by seeking your Clarity through Conscious Creation.

Starting your day well – by using a Mindset Pathway

A Mindset Pathway is a routine to use every morning to get you into a consciously positive and focused mindset, ready to drive your day forward the way that you envisage it being.  My top tip is to use this on awakening – before you even get out of bed, and after a while the routine will become a way of purposefully living your life. You will become more emotionally intelligent, intentional and self aware. With plenty of practise and a commitment you will be able to focus on changing your mindset at any point within your day.

Daily Planner

Using a planner for your daily ‘to-do’ list is a highly successful methodology that I have used many times with my coaching clients to enable them to achieve more focus, productivity, quieten a busy mind and feel more confident and less overwhelmed. My top tip is to fill it in at the end of your working day. That way you are closing off your mind to your tasks, knowing they are all scheduled accordingly for the following day and that you have everything in hand.

Bigger Picture Thinking

Bigger Picture thinking is for those times when you want to plan and really get back into alignment with your bigger picture goals and strategies. When you need a reminder about direction, where you are getting your strength from and the reason for all your ‘work’ and ‘thinking’. It’s important to do this possibly monthly or quarterly, whenever you feel you need the injection of scale back into your view. To reconnect with yourself and your purpose. By looking at your bigger picture thinking you are able to regain perspective and ground yourself in your beliefs. You will find decision making much easier when you truly know what is important to you.

Establishing a Daily Mindset Routine is so important for optimal planning, focus and prioritising – delivering the results you want and need in creating your Clarity and Success! To find out more about Alison Callan or access some of her free tools – please visit

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