How to get ahead in the world’s toughest competition – from Ironwoman Bex Rimmington

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Ironwoman, Bex Rimmington top tips for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in 2019.

Whether you’re looking to get a bit fitter, find a community of like-minded people, or discover how far you can really push yourself, then making the decision to take up a sport is the first step in what can be an amazing journey.

Whether you choose a team sport or an individual pursuit, getting started is often the hardest part. The world of sport can be a daunting place for those who have not been active for a while or those who feel nervous about getting into exercise.

With that in mind, we sought the advice of British athlete and Ironman competitor, Bex Rimmington of Merlin Cycles . And you can trust us,  Bex knows what she’s talking about – she recently competed in the 2018 Ironman World Championship finals in Kona, Hawaii — one of the toughest races in the world. (A triathlon with a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride and 26.22 mile run!)

Below are her top tips for women who want to push themselves out of their comfort zone, enjoy exercise more, and take the first step to a more active lifestyle!

Sign up for motivation!

Participating in an organised race or event (like a local 5k, or sprint distance triathlon) is not just a great way to tick something off your bucket list. It will also give you purpose, something to train for and a date to build up to. Plus, if you get some friends to sign up as well, you’ll then have a group of training partners which can work wonders for motivation!

There are so many options to choose from; crazy-long events for endurance fans (maybe one to avoid for beginners!), technical and challenging runs for those who like the adrenaline rush, and charity and social events for those who want something a little less competitive. Have a look around to see what’s out there and you’re bound to find an event perfect for you, whatever level you’re at. Then once that’s completed, you can move onto the next challenge!

Find the advice you need

If you’re unsure where to start, there’s plenty of help and advice available online. From training plans and nutrition guides to what equipment to use, you don’t have to go in blind.

You can also find local groups to train with or classes to attend to learn your new skill.

Be reflective

Once you get a bit further down the path of your new found challenge, you can both enjoy the process look back to see just how far you’ve come. You’ll be surprised at just how much can improve in a short amount of time; whether that’s increasing your endurance, losing a bit of weight or improving your confidence.

Whether you love being competitive or thrive when learning a new skill, it’s important to enjoy what you are doing as there will be good and bad days. Always try to keep the focus on piecing together the jigsaw to reach the main objective.

Get out your comfort zone

It might take longer for some people to pick things up than others – this is totally normal. The best way around this (if it’s bringing you down) is to approach the situation with a growth mindset, rather than a defeatist mindset.

Remember, trying new things can be difficult. If it wasn’t, breaking out of your comfort zone would be easy and we would do it all the time. Always keep your end goal in mind, and remember how good it feels to reach a goal or complete a workout you never thought possible when you’re having a tough day.

Whatever sport you choose to take up, be it running, cycling or netball, make sure you stick to your commitment as consistency is key to seeing the benefits!

So, go and decide on a new sport today. Join a team, sign up for lessons, get some new gear—whatever you need to do to get started. And then do it. We only really regret what we don’t do!

You’ll be a happier, healthier person because of it.

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