How to get the body you want in 2016

woman watching her weightToday’s article is all about making New Year’s fitness resolutions that will last!

All too often, we wake up feeling worse for wear on the 1st January and set goals that are entirely unrealistic. We vow never to drink again and to have the physique of a Victoria’s Secret model by the time summer rolls around. However, as soon as the gloom of January passes, you can barely recite your fitness resolutions and you find yourself indulging in the same unhealthy habits of the previous year.

Before 2016 is here, we want you to start planning for your new year’s resolutions now so you can break the vicious cycle of previous years. Read on for our top tips that may make a real difference.

1. Make a real investment in your fitness goals both in terms of time and money. Carve out slots in your diary and set these aside as appointments that must not be cancelled! By treating your fitness sessions with the same importance as you would treat a meeting with your boss, you will find yourself attaching a new importance to these slots. This also means you will not be easily swayed when your colleagues try to drag you out for after-work drinks or when a last-minute dinner pops into the diary.

Make a monetary investment in your fitness and health. We spend huge amounts on takeaway dinners and drinks that we know are not going to help our physique. However, when it comes to spending money on your health and fitness, this cost quite often sinks to the bottom of our priority list. Break this habit and commit funds to your fitness at the start of the year. Sign up to a block of personal training sessions, or a gym membership, and pay upfront so you know that there is no room for excuses not to attend! Making a monetary investment is a powerful incentive to make a positive change in the New Year, and it leaves less money to spend on unnecessary drinking and eating!

2. Workout with someone who you know will hold you accountable if you don’t turn up. Whether it’s your best friend, your mum or a personal trainer, recruit someone who you can share your fitness journey with! When you know that someone else is relying on you to show up to your workouts, you won’t want to let them or yourself down!

3. Look the part when you exercise. This point isn’t always obvious. It’s easy to throw on a muddy pair of trainers and a tracksuit that doesn’t fit and feel uncomfortable, shabby and unconfident every time you get ready to exercise. Just as you dress up to go to work, put some thought into your exercise attire. We all look and feel more confident when we dress the part and this should be no different when you exercise. It will put you into a positive mind-frame and get you thinking like an athlete in no time!

4. Cook at home more often, rather than agreeing to lots of pricey and unhealthy dinners out. By cooking at home, you can track what you are eating much more easily and control your diet. It’s easy to recreate a lot of the meals you eat at restaurants and you can cut out the unnecessary calorie (and sugar!) extras. For example, you can use brown spaghetti when you next cook your favourite Bolognese or make a pizza with all of your favourite toppings minus the cheese. These small changes add up and you’ll save pounds in both your wallet and your waistline.

Author: Laura King

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