How to get what you want! #makeithappen #IWD2015

5008351367I am new to WeAreTheCity…excited to be here. There is a story to this that I will share. It was about 5 years ago I had been doing some talks to Women’s Network Groups in London and talked to groups of women executives and met someone who was championing my work and message. This woman said I need to introduce you to Vanessa of WeAreTheCity. We tried and things never worked out for various reasons.

Fast forward to January 2015, Vanessa’s and my path crossed, we talked and here I am.

Fate? Destiny?

Yup a bit of that I am sure and a whole lot of showing up to #makeithappen.

With International Women’s Day soon here, in fact I hear it is the whole month of March it feels appropriate to write about how YOU can make it happen in your life.

We can all think of times it didn’t happen. The date that never showed up, the promotion that never materialised, the job that became a NO. It seems we are all hard wired to think more about what didn’t happen.


It’s such a heavy and burdensome energy to carry. Like a ball and chain, imagine having to drag that around every day…well that is what happens when you focus on what didn’t happen!

It’s such a pointless energy and waste of time and just sets you up to be on an emotional rollercoaster of self-doubt. You will doubt your worth, you will doubt if you are good enough and doubt that the world around gives a hoot. It’s isolating and just harmful to you.

Of course we are told to learn lessons; not a bad thing however sometimes the lesson is move on so something else can happen! Life isn’t supposed to be a full time post mortem!

How do you show up to make it happen?

I am a firm believer in keeping energy moving. My motto which you can adopt too is:

“I am where I am and what do I want to do about it?”

This stops the post mortem and empowers you immediately to say, yes what next then. Of course you can still choose to regurgitate a list of what didn’t happen that you wished had happened. At least it is a conscious choice rather than a reflex, however you will be best to consider the following:

  • How do you want to feel, like really feel?
  • What one thing can you do to keep moving forward? Not a manifesto type of plan, just one thing. Keeping it simple is the best way forward in any circumstance.

This is how you will show up for you! When you show up for you the world soon becomes your oyster.

Part of showing up for you is getting over what didn’t happen in a way that is empowering as the truth is what didn’t happen wasn’t supposed to because there is something far greater waiting for you and in getting stuck you just delay your good.

Back in 2010/11 I wouldn’t have been ready to write for WeAreTheCity so had the meeting with Vanessa taken place then it might not have been so fruitful. Good things come when you focus on #makeithappen.

You ready to #makeithappen? Why not share your answer in the comments below and start your #makeithapppen revolution here!

Sarupa Shah


Sarupa Shah is an award winning intuitive business coach, spiritual mentor and founder of The Soul Agency. The Soul Agency works with women across the globe who want to put soul and spirit back into their life, career, business and the world. Empowering women in their business and career paths to be strong, successful and soulful. Sarupa coaches and runs events focussed on how you can be spiritually powerful and materially successful. The true path to having it all. If you are ready to claim your success then check out Sarupa here at: and connect with one of the planet’s most sought after spiritual thought leaders and teachers and create your legacy for you and the world.

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