How to Learn the Best Care Routine Specifically for Your Hair

How Does Your Hair Want To Be Treated and How Do You Find Out?

Hair comes in a lot of variety. When you consider the five defining characteristics of your hair – weight, density, texture, porosity and strength – there are something like 32 different profiles that specifically your hair could fall into.

At Stone Bridge, we sit around thinking about all these different variables all day long. Plus we mull over about other qualities that might apply to you and your hair, like how long is your hair or how long would you like it to be; do you work in a serious and conservative environment or not; do you do a lot of sport and what sort of sport is it; do you colour your hair or are you natural …

And then throw in questions about your personal style and face shape – hang on, the back of my envelope isn’t big enough to multiply all these variables together!

Working out your care and styling routine that is best for your hair is not straightforward. Plus most women only have the guidance of their mother’s experience (which may not apply at all to your hair, only hers, and might be imperfectly informed anyway), the promises found on the labels of hair care products, and the 10 minutes spent a few times each year with a stylist who has an interest in selling you a couple bottles of their salon shampoo.

Throw in a sprinkling of poorly researched articles from fashion magazines and daytime talk shows and what sort of library of information do you really have?

There is only one real way to find out how you can get the best out of specifically your hair. And that is to learn a few basic facts about hair generally, and then to experiment.

What a Billionaire Can Teach You About Your Hair

Some time ago I came across a story told by John Counsel, a marketing consultant, that was really about business, but I thought it was also very appropriate if you are in the process of trying to learn properly about your hair.

A young journalist was on a flight and had been lucky enough to be upgraded to First Class. When he got to his seat he was quite excited to see he was across the aisle from a famous multi-billionaire, who was quite intent on getting some shut-eye.

The journalist felt he couldn’t let this opportunity pass by, and finally worked up the courage to speak to him.

“Excuse me Mr _______, pardon me for disturbing you but would you mind if I just asked the secret of your great success?”

Without opening his eyes, the man replied, “Correct decisions.”

The young journalist thought about this, but felt there must be more to it.

“Excuse me again, but how do you know which are the correct decisions?”

Again, the billionaire barely stirred. “Experience,” he said.

The young man couldn’t resist, and asked “But how do you get the experience to know which decisions are correct?”

The older man replied before turning over, “Wrong decisions.”

Applying Experience To Your Hair Care Routine

Once you have enough knowledge about what hair care products are really supposed to do to and for your hair, as well as information about styling that is appropriate to your real hair texture (not the texture you wish you had), only then you can start experimenting.

Even though we talk to hundreds of women directly about their hair, our advice is based on some general rules and then adjusted slightly to take account of your lifestyle and personal style. Even then we often ask for feedback a few weeks on to see how our suggestions are working (or not).

The only way you can land on “correct decisions” that are exactly right for your hair is to experience a few “wrong decisions” along the way. That means if you truly want to learn what is best for your hair, you must expect a few bad hair days in the process.

In this way you can work out the things that do not work for your hair. Make a clear mental note of these things and do not be seduced by marketing or 300 word articles in glossy magazines promising you hair that you are not capable of growing out of your own head.

The oak tree does not wish and struggle to be a weeping willow, spending an hour every morning straightening its branches. That’s just silly.

Be proud of your hair the way it is. Have fun with it. Learn which qualities of your hair are envied by other women (or admired by men!) and play those up.

Author Bio:

stonebridgeMelissa Hill – Hair Expert, Owner of Stone Bridge Hair Accessories, specialising in French and Italian handmade hair clips and headbands.

Every week Stone Bridge Hair blog discusses styling tricks and hair care secrets that can help you have more beautiful, better behaving hair. Everyone’s hair has a different weight and texture, and what each woman needs from her hair clips is also highly individual. We make recommendations (always welcome to call on 01732 883820 or email at: [email protected]) as to what sort of hair texture is suited to each one of our hair clips and we have a large range of barrettes and hair clamps especially suited to fine hair or long curly hair. We have a variety of hair accessories to offer: barrettes, claws and clamps, hair bands, combs and sticks, Ficcare and beak clips, elastics.

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