How to look good naked

Naked Logo BLK-small (10-27-13-08-54-25)The holy grail of holy grails. The goal to look good when we shed our clothes has spawned multi-million pound industries, Gok Wan’s show and many, many unhappy women.

Women have a knack of comparing themselves to others. Measuring themselves up against invisible yard sticks and deciding they don’t measure up. And that’s with clothes on!

Looking good naked runs deeper than that though. You see, we are all born the same way, completely naked, with limitless potential completely perfect and without any preconceptions.

Through the course of our life we pick up baggage – labels, titles, judgments, thoughts, beliefs – that tell us we’re not enough. That somehow we’re less than what we should be. Or that we need to perform, achieve a certain title, become a mother or a wife, behave a certain way, to be accepted and loved.

So the coat of armor you wear to protect yourself, the mask of make up disguising your beauty, the sassy heels to make you taller are put on over time to protect you, to keep you safe and cloak your vulnerability and weakness. We project a certain image of ourselves to the outside world because we feel that if we were really seen, really open that somehow we’d be hurt, rejected and unlovable.

So who are YOU underneath? If you stripped back to the bare essentials, the naked truth – who are you?

Looking good naked is about accepting that we are capable of anything and are perfect just the way we are. That we deserve a life that is full, vibrant and ultimately ours to live as we choose.

To be able to stand naked with pride and confidence, without apology for who you – that’s when you truly look good naked.

Author Bio:

Melissa White is the founder of naked, which specialises in working with women in high pressure jobs, who seemingly have it all yet have found themselves thinking “there must be more to life than this”, reveal their true potential and build exceptional lives. Combining 10 years event management experience working in a global brand with her love of travel, naked adventures is the pinnacle of her coaching practice, taking groups of women on life changing transformational experiences to Machu Picchu.

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