How to manage events with ease

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By Evelyn Okpanachi, events expert and the founder of

Organising events can be stressful.

There are many components to juggle, from where people will sit to the feel of the event. There are however ways to make it less stressful. Here are some tips on how to manage your events with ease.


The simplicity is merely in preparation, a very important key that many forget. There can never be too much preparation and there are many benefits to advanced preparation such as calmness and confidence on the day of your event.


This is your blueprint for managing your event with ease. Planning is comparable to a roadmap of where you are going and what you intend to achieve. Having a plan directs and guides a successful event.

Contingency plan

Make sure that you always have a ‘plan B’. Be aware that things can go wrong and it is important to have a plan to mitigate against this, for example, is there a backup photographer in case your first choice doesn’t turn up? Identify what your potential risks are and then have a contingency plan in case the worst-case scenario should occur. Let’s hope you don’t have to revert to your contingency plan but the main thing is that you have one.


When choosing vendors use reliable and experienced vendors. This gives you one less thing to worry about and minimises the need to activate your contingency plan.


This is an extension of planning but fundamentally you will have a to-do list of what you need to do before your event to make it a success.


I am sure you have heard the saying ‘no man is an island’, this is true and very important to remember to help you manage an event with ease. Delegating takes the pressure off you and allows you to focus on other important things. The key is to delegate tasks to competent individuals who will ease your stress as opposed to individuals who will increase your stress levels if you have to keep chasing the tasks they should have completed.


After preparing and ensuring all bases are covered, it is essential to be positive about your upcoming event, the thoughts you have towards your event carry you through and provide the right aura during your event. You attract what you believe so your positive attitude is an advance on what you are expecting to receive.


Always focus on the vision of what you visualise your event to be. This is a good way to focus the mind. Seeing the bigger picture helps focus and makes all the hard work worthwhile.


As you build up to any event it’s important to find time to relax; this could be before the planning of the event commences or after the event. If you find time to relax/unwind before an event you will have enough zeal and energy to see it through. Or alternatively, if you plan how you will relax/unwind after an event you will have something to look forward to and this ultimately ushers in calmness.

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