How to own your energy in 2021

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What would you do in a typical week if you had just ten per cent more energy each day?

Often, we focus on the time available to us instead of on the quality of how we spend that time. What if we fine-tuned how we show up, and what if we approached our days with more focus, enhanced productivity and more energy? What would then be achievable?

Our ability to generate more energy starts with a healthy body and mind. We need to prime ourselves if we are to operate at our best at work and beyond. 2020 was certainly a year that caught us all by surprise. Whilst we’ve all done an absolutely brilliant job adapting, juggling, stretching and balancing, I’m sure it is not just me who reached December counting down the days to the Christmas break.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to rest, reflect and recharge over the festive season and you’re clear on what to do to have a successful and prosperous 2021. We are all far more in control than we give ourselves credit for. We just don’t always realise it.

So, paying attention to your body and brain, here are three simple yet high impact mindset shifts you can make to supercharge and renew your energy in 2021.

Tidy up your influencers

It’s often said that we are the average of the people we associate with the most. Those around us influence our habits, behaviours, attitudes, mood and energy. Therefore, it’s crucial to be intentional about who you surround yourself with in your immediate and wider circles.

Tactic: To make it much easier to build peak performance habits, think about who you want to connect with in 2021 and develop an action plan to build a support network that energises you. You’ll know you’re around the right people when you leave a conversation feeling great. You’ll benefit from a virtuous circle of positive energy that is created from these interactions.

Accept there is a difference between knowing and doing

Sometimes, it only takes the thought of doing something to make us feel like we’ve already accomplished it. This way of thinking lulls us into a false sense of security and often bolsters our confidence that we’re on track. The reality is that we often know and talk about what to do but we don’t actually do it. There is a performance gap, as I often say to my clients, between what we know and what we do.

Tactic: Accept that any change requires a change in behaviour. Take a look at your current habits, eating and lifestyle choices. Now ask yourself if you are truly setting yourself up for success or if you could do just a little bit better (more, less or different) to energise your mind and body that one per cent more.

Consider your body to be your home

One of the most powerful ways we can create lasting change is to shift our perspective. I often use the analogy of a sports car to help my clients to understand how they can keep their bodies and brains operating at best. However, over the years, I’ve introduced another way to see things differently. If you want to boost your energy levels, it starts with seeing your body as your home. Optimise human performance.

By thinking of your body as separate to you as a person, you may be inclined to treat it somewhat differently – hopefully better! We literally spend our entire lives in our bodies and can’t escape, so it makes sense to make our homes as comfortable, accommodating, strong and stable as possible.

Tactic: Think of food as fuel, and make smart eating choices that supercharge your body and brain. Good nutrition supports healthy cell activity, development and regeneration, gut health and brain function.

Sometimes we overlook the simple things that can make a massive difference to our wellbeing, performance and productivity. We often think we need to invest all or nothing, and this attitude stops us from succeeding and being consistent. The best approach is to build incremental habits that stick, supported by the right level of support and accountability to accelerate your progress and keep you on track. In 2021, prioritise your energy instead of your time management. It all starts with you.

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Abigail IrelandAbout the author

Abigail Ireland has coached, trained and advised high-achieving clients all over the world – from Europe, the USA and Middle East through to Australia and New Zealand. She enables teams and professionals to achieve peak performance by optimising Mind, Body and Business factors.

With over 13 years’ international experience in private equity, acquisition finance, corporate banking, strategy and business management, Abigail is well-versed in the dynamics and pressures of the corporate world. She has worked alongside and advised C-suite executives, sat on senior leadership teams and served as a Board Advisor. She is an active business advisor, mentor and start-up ambassador.

Abigail’s approach is based on a comprehensive blend of science, research, psychology, experience and continuous testing. She is a accredited Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner, DISC Personality Profiler, Chartered Banker and PRINCE2 Practitioner. She is also a qualified Master Personal Trainer, Pn2 Nutrition Coach and Pilates Instructor. This unique blend of business, mindset and wellbeing expertise provides an integrated and thorough approach to peak performance.

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