How to Prepare For Your Summer Wedding in London

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Here are few tips you may use to have a beautiful, summery wedding in London. Take full advantage of this season and come out with plans that will add more fun and excitement to your marriage. There are plenty of summer wedding venues in London, which you can choose as per your party budget. Book a venue in advance through thecitycollection and hold your ceremony in grand style:
Decide on Your Wedding Budget

Setting a clear wedding budget is necessary party of your planning process. Once you decide on exact amount of money you prefer to spend on wedding day, it becomes lot easier to plan the whole process. It also prevents arguments and stress involved during the process.

What Style You Prefer

Once you determine the budget, next step is to decide what style of ceremony you want for your marriage. Whether you wish to be religious or you want a more modern civil ceremony. If you wish civil option, choose between a licensed venue and registry office. Once you decide type of wedding you want, it is time to hire a venue.

Which Venue to Hire

As summers are best season to get married in London, it is essential to hire a space that keeps you outdoors. You will find many outdoor wedding spaces in the capital, offering best set up to enjoy warm weather. Choose best outdoor wedding venue London, keeping in mind its capacity and services. Enquire about its in-house facilities and negotiate with event planner for prices.

Send Out Invitations

Once you choose a venue, next on task is to send out invitations to guests. Decide on whom you want to invite. Whether it will be a small family affair or you wish to invite more friends and colleagues? Think again according to your expenditure and invite as many guests you prefer. Make sure you add summer effect on your invitations. Use orange, green, red, and other summery colours to decorate your cards.

Bridal Attire

Bridal dress is an important feature of any wedding, and it often account for significant amount of your overall budget. It includes buying jewellery, shoes, gown, accessories, and so on. Since summers in London give you a relaxed atmosphere, you can wear something informal that matches outside environment. Short skirts and flowers along with few accessories will not only look good in summers but also save you money while planning your big day.


Keeping memories of your wedding day are very important. You must hire a good photographer, considering his experience, quality of work, and price range. A good way to do this is by viewing the photographer’s portfolio.


A summer wedding in London is incomplete without colourful flowers. You will find a variety of flowers during this season. Thus, fill your wedding space with some bright and cheerful flowers, including sunflowers, dahlias, cosmos, roses, calla lilies, and zinnias. For a less expensive option, go for bright purple dendrobium orchids.

Food and Drinks

Do not serve heavy or piping hot dishes amidst summer heat and humidity. Instead, try to keep wedding food simple, light, and airy. Serve lots of summer salads including green, seasonal fruits. Have an option for cool soups or serve fishes, such as halibut, grilled tuna, oysters, shrimp, and fresh shellfish. Summers in London are best time to have BBQ style party. So, arrange for poached grilled chicken and grilled vegetables to make your event more memorable. Between each course of meal, you can serve raspberry, mango, and champagne sorbet to keep your guests refreshed.

To keep guests hydrated, serve them lemonade, juices, cool watermelon martini, infused vodka, or mojito. Mango or blood orange margaritas and rum punch make perfect cocktail options in summer.


Send your guests home with taste of the season. A glass of pear jam, seashells, potted lavender plants, and sea-inspired candles make best wedding favours. These favours will give a perfect finish to your summer affair and add smile on your guests’ face.

These steps will help you to plan a customised summer wedding in London. Book a venue in advance and plan using these essential tips.

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