How to stay motivated

Happy women jumpingEven those who love their jobs can find their passion waning after a while. To keep a spring in your step during your daily commitments, it’s important to stay motivated. Motivation is not something which looks after itself, or which you can rely on other people for; it’s requires work and effort on your own behalf.

Here are some tips to help you stay motivated:

Venture outside of your environment

This will help your ideas stay fresh and come up with new perspectives. Consider talking to colleagues in different industries, or a different part of your own organisation, and draw upon this experience to learn something new.

Become a book worm

Read books about your profession or related topics, to consider new avenues and conversations. Keep an open mind and try to avoid text books or anything too dictatorial; this is a great way to gain new insight and inspiration.

Get some exercise

If you’re really stuck for ideas in the middle of the day, or having a particularly stale moment, get out of the office. Although it might seem contrary to getting down to work, it really can help. Going for a walk and getting some fresh air can help to clear the head and reset the thought process.

Spend time with a mentor or coach

I can’t praise this highly enough, it is just so worth it. There are so many benefits to having a mentor and they will be an ideal person to turn to in order to boost your energy if you begin to feel a little lacking.

Invest in continuous professional development

Don’t ever think that your work is done. Goals are key to keeping you motivated, so make sure your own development is your top priority. Your professional body or chartered institute will have a programme you can follow. If there isn’t such a resource, ask your HR department for a helping hand.

Keep up with the online community

Look out for blogs and websites that comment on your profession. Subscribe to your favourite ones and set time aside each week to read what the new thinking is and what the new developments are. This will help you stay excited and connected.

Watch a TED talk

The TED talks online are really inspiring stuff every time and well worth a watch. Beware – they can get addictive! Don’t get stuck watching so many motivational posts that you don’t reap the benefits of being motivated!


You might think taking on something outside of work will be hard work and too draining – and it can be. However, for what you invest, you will get so much back in terms of self-development and motivation, look at becoming a school governor:

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By Sarah Pinch, Managing Director of Pinch Point Communications, President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and Non-Executive Director of the Health and Safety Executive

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