How to use social media to help you get a job

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In today’s job market, you need to use everything you have at your disposal to stand out from the crowd.

A great way to do this is through social media. However, it’s important to maintain a professional presence online, so pay attention to what you post.

Utilising social media well, can significantly improve your chances of finding a job.


Build a complete LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is one of the best mediums to find a job, but only if your profile shows you in the best light. Displaying a profile picture, employment history, and education will make it easier for employers or recruiters to find you. A detailed Linkedin profile will give potential employers a better understanding of who you are as a professional and create a better image of you as a candidate before you’ve ever connected.

You can use the platform to network with people in your industry, learn more about trends, and to apply for a wider scope of jobs than you might otherwise have access to.

Share and engage with content relevant to your career or industry

Leading on from this, it’s important to be an active member of your industry’s community. This positions you as someone who is engaged with what’s going on, and knows where their industry is heading, making you a good addition to the team.

Whether on Twitter, LinkedIn, or even Instagram, you can use social media to gain a deeper understanding of the world of your work, and develop as a professional.

Establish a high volume of followers and connections

If you regularly post, share, and talk to others in your industry, you will likely have a higher amount of connections. Employees with high numbers of friends, followers, or connections expands a business’ reach, giving them more exposure when posts are shared. If you have a larger network than other candidates this could make the difference between getting the job or not.

Especially on LinkedIn, having a high amount of connections shows you know how to network, have good people skills, and may even be an influencer in your field. This makes you a much more attractive potential hire for any business.


Don’t display unprofessional pictures all over your profiles

Even though most of us have been using social media for over a decade, a surprising amount of people still post pictures that show them in a bad light. Photos of wild parties might show that you’re fun, but won’t impress hiring managers.

Don’t write negative posts or comments

An account full of shouting matches doesn’t promote you as a positive addition to any workplace. It’s important to present yourself as someone who can conduct themselves politely and professionally.

Don’t complain about your current job

The last, and potentially most important point to remember, is not to complain about your current job on social media. This shows that you’re not a team player, and could complain about any future employment as well. If any hiring manager sees this on your social media, they will almost certainly delete your application.

Social media can help you make connections, gain exposure, and get jobs you might otherwise not have been able to. Your online presence is part of your life, but it can also be an extension of your CV, helping potential employers see you as a fully rounded person, based on more than just what’s on your resume.

About the author

Aimée Treasure is the Marketing Manager at VHR Global Recruitment, where she uses social media to help people find jobs all over the world.

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