How women are looking for independence, control & stability post-COVID

happy woman with glitter, take the credit, 2020Life during the pandemic has been brutal for many people throughout the world, and the impact on women has been particularly striking.

Women have been more likely to end up furloughed due to their employers struggling to stay afloat, and they’ve unsurprisingly borne the brunt of school closures, needing to work so much harder to keep their children learning while working on their careers and home lives in general.

It’s when we’re most under pressure that we’re most motivated to battle back, though, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing from women everywhere. As the restrictions put into place to combat COVID-19 have slowly been withdrawn, women have picked up where they left off with renewed vigor, determined to safeguard their lives against future disasters.

But what actions are they taking? Let’s look at how women are looking for independence, control and stability as the world recovers from COVID-19.

They’re forming female-driven collectives

Women supporting women has been a huge trend in recent years, particularly in the business world where their collective power and influence can be tremendously significant. During the pandemic, existing collectives have stepped up their efforts, and new collectives have formed to address issues ranging from domestic violence to childcare. The Gates Foundation has a good piece on this, so take a look if you’re interested in learning more.

This is so important because it does away with the need to work within other collectives that are resistant to change. Starting fresh with a clear mission from the outset provides great power and makes it all but impossible for people to get in the way of progress.

They’re taking charge of their finances

There are many parts of the world in which women are still typically beholden to the men in their lives, and financial attachment is a key ingredient used to keep them dependent. With the firings and furloughings of the pandemic came a stark reminder that even women who aren’t beholden to men directly can still be reliant upon the men who shape factors beyond their control.

Money isn’t an issue that can be solved easily, but taking charge of it is an excellent way to boost stability and feel more assured. This goes for everything from setting aside savings to investing in strong assets. It also applies to family support, of course: women want to protect their families as best they can, which is why there’s value in building up emergency savings and even getting life insurance to give you that reassurance.

They’re investing in their mental health

The miserable conditions of pandemic life have caused immense anxiety and stress. Of particular note is the lack of social activity due to lockdowns. We’re naturally communal beings who like to gather and share burdens, and it just isn’t the same when meeting up over Zoom. This has sparked a huge wave of interest in things like meditation and introspection, as women everywhere look to invest in their mental health.

Podcasts are great for this process. There are so many great podcasts out there covering countless topics relevant to mental health, so whatever you’re having difficulty with, you’ll surely be able to find a suitable podcast to give you some great ideas. And by putting time into these podcasts (many of which are female-led, notably), women can build lasting foundations that don’t require any external approval or even commentary.

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